Total domestic SS 1967 Nova's in Canada was 616 units. 100500 = 500th 1967 Chevrolet built at Flint. Chevy II Nova … Model. Comments: The top performance Nova SS for 1972 was powered by a meager 200 bhp four-barrel 350 V8 as performance continued to decline. Chevy II - Nova Options. there were 185 units that were 117 cars (6cyl SS) and there were 29 units that were 117 cars exported. Although the Nova SS would live until 1976, true Nova SS performance ended in 1972. Chevy II 100 sedan, 2-door.

The 1963 models came out with minor trim changes, some very minor mechanical changes, but with a new addition: the Chevy II Nova SS. Location D - … Nova RPO Production Numbers; Options available for Chevrolets - 1960's (Not 100% Accurate, But A Good General Resource) Chevy II - Nova Production Totals. 1962. The SS was listed as just an option package from 1968 on, instead of a separate trim level like before. Total Canadian Novas produced 7842 units. Camaro SS; includes special hood and ornaments, front header panel paint stripes, underhood insulation, special nylon red stripe tires, 14x6 wheels, suspension features, fender SS emblems and SS emblems on radiator grille and gas filler cap; with 325-hp Turbo-Jet 396-cid engine: 1,003: 263.30 L48 Chevy II 300 sedan, 2-door.

Production numbers concluded that the 1963 Chevy II/Nova outsold the domestic competition in compacts that year. Production Numbers This site is best viewed in 1024x768 resolution. Chevy II 100 sedan, 4-door. I'm looking at this 1969 Nova SS 350 with the following VIN: 114279W458508. This was a near-Corvette small-block and it turned Nova SS … Sport Sedan, 7 = 1967 Model, F = Flint Built. Body Styles and Engines ... Chevy II/ Nova Super Sport 2 Door Coupe 2 Door Convertible 2 Door Hatchback 2 Door Sedan 4 Door Sedan ... 1967: 100 series L6 (excludes wagons) 33,720 (r) 100 series V8 (excludes wagons) 1,700 The sequence number starts at 100001, so this car would be number 527.

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Performance: 350/200: 1/4 mile in 15.5 seconds @ 88.4 mph. The fifth number tells us the year of the car, in this case 7 for 1967. Chevy II 300 sedan, 4-door. 16439 = Impala V-8 4-Dr.

The modest 1967 Chevrolet Chevy II Nova SS was a giant-killer when equipped with the 350-bhp 327-cid V-8. On the other hand, the Nova SS was only available as a two-door coupe. The complete serial number consists of the above model identification, year of manufacture, plant designation, and sequence number. The Chevy II nameplate was dropped after 1968, with Nova becoming the nameplate for all of the 1969 through 1979 models.