What is the bowhead whale? Keane et al. In October 2007, we caught up with a …

Bowheads can stretch more than 50 feet and weigh tens of thousands of pounds. Should Inuit continue the hunt for the bowhead whale? 60, NO.

The bowhead whale (Balaena mysticetus) is a species of baleen whale belonging to the family Balaenidae and the only living representative of the genus Balaena.The bowhead is the only baleen whale endemic to the Arctic and sub-arctic waters.

ARCTIC VOL. The species is named after its characteristic massive triangular skull, which is used to break through Arctic ice. Changes in bowhead genes related to cell cycle, DNA repair, cancer, and aging suggest alterations that may be biologically relevant. Pages. In 2007, a group of Inuit hunters conducted their traditional annual whale hunt.They caught a bowhead whale, but they also found something unexpected—embedded in the whale’s blubber was part of a harpoon from the last time people had tried to hunt the whale.Based on the type of harpoon and markings on it, scientists were able to date it, and the harpoon turned out to be 120 years old. This multiyear study involves a coalition of scientific parties to gather data from oceanographic samples, boat-based observations, tagging operations, acoustic sequence the bowhead genome and transcriptome and perform a comparative analysis with other cetaceans and mammals. Friday, January 19, 2007. Stats: Weight: 132,277 - 220,000 lbs (60 - 100 tons) Length: 46 - 65 ft (14 - 20 m) Diet: Copepods, krill and a wide variety of invertebrates; Status: Endangered The bowhead is an endangered species and it has almost become extinct. The bowhead whale (Balaena mysticetus) is a baleen whale of the right whale family Balaenidae, in suborder Mysticeti and genus Balaena.A stocky dark-colored whale without a dorsal fin, it can grow to 20 m (66 ft) in length. Green View Post [email protected] The Bowhead Whale can grow up to 60ft (18m) in length and weighs up to 100 tonnes, making it the fifth-largest mammal on earth. In history its population has decreased by more than 10,000. 1 (MARCH 2007) P. 47–54 Traditional Knowledge of the Bowhead Whale (Balaena mysticetus)around St. Lawrence Island, Alaska GEORGE NOONGWOOK,1 THE NATIVE VILLAGE OF SAVOONGA,2 THE NATIVE VILLAGE OF GAMBELL,3 HENRY P. HUNTINGTON4 and JOHN C. GEORGE5 (Received 23 May 2006; accepted in revised form 6 September 2006)ABSTRACT.
Alaska Natives have hunted bowhead whales for hundreds of years. Why do we kill a peaceful animal like a bowhead in order to revive a part of our culture? In 2007, the Bowhead Whale Feeding Ecology Study (BOWFEST) was developed to examine the relationship between bowhead whales and their environment. Bowheads are one of the longest living mammals on the planet. The bowhead whale is the longest-lived mammal, possibly living over 200 years.