Share Template on Twitter Share Template on Facebook [EoG] Dengeki Bunko: Crossing Void Tierlist. Best Characters Tier Lists. Strengthen your characters! Main characters have multiple abilities. Characters may have a main or sub version 4. Crossing Void - Global. 1. 26K likes. S (Main) A (Main) B (Main) S (Sup) A (Sup) B (Sup) Touch here to swipe > If no images are loaded here go back to the categories page. Crossing Void ) - an anime crossover turn-based RPG game! Crossing Void Tier List Maker. By continuing to browse our site, you agree to these updates. Crossing Void combat is turn-based, which means you and the enemy attack in turns. Getting better character grades 3.

[Crossing Void] The Best Damage Dealers That You Need to Know About the Crossing Void Tier List (Part 2)'Dengeki Bunko: Crossing Void' is a topical role-playing game based on the IPs from 'Crossing Void'. They will deal the bulk of the damage, take it, and make use of their respective supports. For helping you lineup more effectively and collect more powerful dealers, we have introduced several dealers along with its characters in the ‘Part 1’. Limited S only characters: Dual Kirito, Butterfly Kuroyukihime. Related: Crossing Void Tier List: A Complete Guide to the Best Characters in the Game. Complete all the Quests and Events. Team Composition Matters.
An all-star cast from 25 most-loved anime franchises! Dengeki Bunko: Crossing Void Guide. Share Page. Barring any unforeseen major issues, expect to see the mobile theme launch very soon! Quadrant View View Community Rank. If you love gacha game then Crossing Void Global is one another gacha based game for you. Welcome to the official Facebook page for Crossing Void - Global, an amazing anime crossover JRPG game! Here you will find guides, translations, as well as tips and tricks for beginners! * Authentic Japanese Gaming Experience - Exclusively licensed by Dengeki Bunko, Crossing Void brings you brand-new storylines developed under direct supervision of the original authors! Characters have grades or rarities. Her mission is … Join a … Mobile - Dengeki Bunko Crossing Void - The #1 source for video game sprites on the internet! Welcome to Dengeki Bunko: Crossing Void Wiki, a wiki dedicated to everything related to Dengeki Bunko: Crossing Void, that anyone can edit. Do all the Challenges. In this article, you will get all about the beginner guide, the introduction of the game system and one of the most FAQ about Reroll.

All characters are viable, but some offer more value than others Dengeki Crossing Void Character wiki trans by. Assuming talents and skills to be somewhat balanced, it's easy to make a Tier list. Use the Gacha to obtain high rarity characters. After a long wait, Crossing Void global version is finally released and our review is ready. It's entirely subjective, so take it with a grain of salt. Last Updated: Dec 3rd, 2019. Please see the post for more details. Now, I have no evidence as I don't have either of them, but considering the actions and the greed of this publisher company, my gut feeling is that they're going to be pretty OP.

There are many game modes to be played including Story and PvP. Tier 1

“Flame haired burning eyed hunter. On December 20, 2019, it was announced that the Dengeki Bunko: Crossing Void servers will be shut down on February 20, 2020 11 AM (UTC+8). 2. The destination for everything related to the mobile video game: Dengeki Bunko: Crossing Void. Do the Main Story first. Deva Version 1.1: - added all existing characters names and cover (Mains and Subs) - added all characters skill descriptions and tags v1.2 - added mains' unique passives - added character atk stat growth tier list v1.3 - added speed table and tips/guide on how to utilize it towards team building v1.4 Most of the RPG/gacha games are based on the same mechanics, but Crossing Void global has a difference: You cannot pick a target to attack, the game picks a target according to your skills. Read on for a list of gift codes and how to redeem and exchange them in Crossing Void Global! Anyone who want to be mod for this subreddit please pm me. Please help us by creating or editing any of our articles! This is a tier list for Main & Support heroes in Crossing Void Global. To redeem the gift codes, first, go to the main menu of the game (the menu with the game options that comes up as soon as you finish logging into your account). Tier 0. Featured characters for the release include Kirito and Asuna from Sword Art Online. The main characters are the ones who will actively participate in battle.

Wiki Sprites Models Textures Sounds Login. Get ready to fight with your favorite characters from the Dengeki Bunko masterpieces in Dengeki Bunko: Crossing Void ( aka. Dengeki Bunko Crossing Void Characters tier list (A, S class codes, hack cheats): bZffqC - Shana (stats: HP - 824, ATK - 136, DEF - 61, Critical damage - 5%, critical rate 1%): the flame haze of “flame of heaven” alastor. Our Cookie Policy has been updated. Crossing Void ditches the 1 on 1 fighting game mechanics for a turn-based battle system very similar to Fate: Grand/Order.