Welcome to Harris Performance, this site dealing with the TPI Tune Port Injection system used by GM from 1985 through 1992. Five Cheap Mods That Add Up to 70 HP to a C4 By IBxAnders - April 21, 2010 1) ... foil for the TPI throttle body is marginally effective.

The Key reason the the 88-92 L98 350 TPI motors made 245hp and the 93 LT1 made 275hp is that intake. It eliminates the stock air box and allows … the trick is the total combo, and yeah its going to require fairly extensive porting of the heads,and intake and a cam change, thinner head gaskets, and …

Sure, the 350 L98 wasn’t the most powerful in the vast 350-cubic-inch family of engines. Chevy 383 / 350 HP 4 Bolt Performance TBI Balanced Crate Engine Truck Camaro $ 3,195.00 Ford 302 / 320 HP High Performance Balanced Crate Engine Mustang Truck $ 2,795.00 Ford 351 Windsor 345 HP Turn Key High Performance Balanced Crate Engine $ 4,295.00 Parts and Accessories and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing! Display Options. which is pretty much a LT1 intake designed for TPI.

The performance suffers because of the small exhaust setup. They are godawful in stock form and off the shelf "chips" are even worse. I would see if he just HAS to have that 305. ... CHEVROLET 5.7L/350 Parts and Accessories. 5.7L Third-Gen Engine Build - Balance Of Power :Decision '07 ... and toasted an otherwise perfectly serviceable L-98 350 TPI engine in our '88 Trans Am. The wrecking yard route is sometimes difficult, especially when looking to … The 90-92 350 TPI F-Body engines (Camaro and Firebird) used the 1227730 ECM, and so did the 90-92 305 TPI engines. Need to give your 1984-1996 C4 Corvette a shot in the arm? That just means there’s plenty of room for improvement via upgrades.

The advertised increases are 15-20 HP and 20 ft/pounds of torque. We found good articles from Hot Rod and Super Chevy magazines on the topic, and there are 350 TPI (L98) aftermarket upgrades available. In typical TPI fashion, torque production from the L98 exceeded 350 lbs-ft from 2800 rpm to 4900 rpm. This story began with a simple search to locate a suitable Tune-Port test motor. We pulled what we thought was an LB9 TPI 305, but it turned out to an iron-headed, and more desirable, L98 350. It\’s claimed ... to limit performance on the L98. Even down at 2500 rpm, the TPI motor thumped out 340 lbs-ft.

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I have posted pages to help those with these systems overcome the limitations of those systems and point out what those limitations are. Smartest power/efficiency upgrade for 94 TBI 350 Discussion in 'Engine Topic' started by woody80z28, Apr 19, 2011.

BBK Twin 52mm Throttle Body (89-92 GM 305/350 TPI) 1537 Our Price: ... Brothers Performance sells aftermarket performance automotive parts for a wide range of vehicles. The easiest performance enhancer on the Chevy 350 is a new exhaust system because it's the weak point in the stock setup. That just means there’s plenty of room for improvement via upgrades. The best approach to performance is a practical one and, in that light, I submit that your existing engine set-up is probably somewhat short of the about 235 at the wheels that you suggest.