Then let's begin! Questions span 1990 to 1999. Billy Madison. Enjoy! Test your knowledge of 90s popular cinema. The Ultimate '90s Trivia Quiz. Which 80s movie was the highest grossing film of the decade?

25 of 25 Name The 90s Movie! Question 1 Who played the female lead in Titanic?

... Can you guess these 90s films from their taglines? Tale as old as time!!!! The action of Saving Private Ryan takes place during which war? The Extraterrestrial. Mutliple-choice questions, movie clips, soundtrack music, Oscars triivia and more. 2. A decade spent chasing fads, wallowing in the low-fi aesthetic of grunge, and—lucky for us—watching a brilliant crop of memorable, highly quotable movies.From Hannibal Lecter's slurping to Jack and Rose amid the wreckage of the Titanic to (indeed) infinity and beyond, the movies of the '90s knew how to deliver dialogue that would live forever.

... What is the name of the house Kat (aka Christina Ricci) moves into in the '95 movie "Casper"? Post your results below. We all need to come together.

Ready to quiz on 90s movies? General 80s Movie Trivia 1. The Sixth Sense. E.T. There are also PDFs and an image of all the 80s movie trivia questions and answers. 3. The ’90s were a glorious time in the Happiest Place on Earth: Mulan, Beauty and the Beast, The Lion King, Toy Story…the list of smash hits goes on.But how well do YOU know the movies that populated so many childhoods? In which movie is Truman Burbank a popular character? Ready to give it a try? You lot are brilliant at '90s trivia, as shown in JOE's past quizzes on '90s movie scenes, and British kids' TV shows. 1. "I see dead people." Get ready to feel some serious nostalgia and travel back in time to one of the best Disney decades ever: the 1990s. (Source: Rex / Image: Joe Hodgkiss) The 90s was a wonderful decade for film.

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See below for answers. Scream.

This Is the Hardest ’90s Disney Movie Trivia Quiz. Channel Page -https: It's a trivia quiz that won't be easy to beat but we're sure there must be movie buffs out there who will ace it. "Foosball is the devil!" ... 24 of 25 Name The 90s Movie! The Waterboy. Answers: 1. The 1982 movie surpassed Star Wars to become the highest grossing film of all time. 90's Movie Theme song Trivia. 6. Can you guess the film from its poster line? TV Trivia Try and guess what popular 90's movie goes along with each song. Only ‘90s Disney kids will remember everything on this quiz: