Distilled from fermented sorghum, it ranges in alcohol content from the standard 53% by volume down to 35%. It’s made from one or more of these raw materials in varying amounts: Sorghum, Wheat, Rice, Sticky Rice, and Corn.

Instead, it uses a fermentation agent called Qu (pronounced “chew”). Baijiu uses solid-state fermentation.

Baijiu is an industrial-strength spirit, so it may take a little adjustment before it becomes palatable. Baijiu is Distinct. The National Drink of China Baijiu was much easier and cheaper to produce than the alcohol consumed by Chinese elites, and it spread quickly throughout China. Baijiu is the world’s most popular liquor in terms of volume consumed every year, yet few know about it outside of China. It doesn’t use yeast like most other production processes. Baijiu can be poles apart in its simplicity or its complexity. Baijiu styles Making good use of baijiu in a cocktail tends to require more imagination and ingredients than are found in many bars and homes. It’s consumed with abandon in China, by pivotal state figures and the common man alike.

Today, there are 14,000 distilleries producing baijiu, according to a report by International Wine & Spirits Group.

The research which involved the scientific analysis of various Chinese baijiu brands, found out that most baijiu brands contained on average 54 (total amount of 3400-3600μg/L) terpenoids, which is significantly higher than the total content of terpenoids in grape wine (less than 1000μg/L).
Baijiu is a Blend. Baijiu, China's national spirit, is funky, inexpensive, and made for shooting. The fully aged baijiu clocks in at about 70 percent alcohol or 140 proof, which is diluted to a slightly less deadly 106 proof before it hits the market.

Those of us with delicate and unsuspecting western taste buds, however, famously struggle with the high alcohol content.

Maotai is a sauce aroma (酱香) baijiu because of its pure, mild, and mellow soy sauce-like after-taste. It is believed that the geography, vegetation and climate of the town of Maotai all aid in the unique flavour of the drink.

Baijiu is China’s best kept secret. Baijiu its an amazing liquor, the flavors, aromas, tastes, versatility, and history make this Chinese liquor a must try.