“She would have let them turn,” Carol … Chapter 1: "Look at the ducks!" Tyreese Williams, nicknamed Ty by many of his companions, was a main character and survivor of the outbreak in AMC's The Walking Dead. Carol sat on the floor of the train car after banging and yelling with Tyreese during the shootout.

Tyreese takes offense at the accusation that Carol's condition is his fault and the two men start to slug it out.

Send PM February 3rd, 2014, 10:45 PM #2. Things are better now that everyone is together again, but Carol still isn't sure how she fits in. (The Walking Dead Carol and Tyreese) Fanfiction. Username Carol Killed Karen and David as stated in my previous answer here. Tyreese and Carol What would you guys think about the idea of (not sure if this was posted or not) Tyreese trying to kill carol when she tells him about karen and david and Lizzie stepping in with her gun pointed at ty trying to get him to stop and when he goes to shoot her Lizzie shoots him in the head?? Search Titles Only; Show Results as Posts; Advanced Search; Login. But Carol shakes her head no. He served as a supporting protagonist during Season 3 and one of the main protagonists from Season 4 to Season 5. The love they had between them was the best Christmas gift ever, but there was always room for a few more surprises.

jbmcqueero. Carol and Tyreese have been at Terminus for a few days without food, water or Judith. This chapter takes place right after the shoot out that Rick, Michonne, Daryl and Karl encounter once they realized that the other prison group was there.

He is the older brother of Sasha and was also the leader of a small group of survivors. Will she let her friends help her when she needs it? Status Offline. The group is on the road again. Carol admit to Tyreese face to face in Episod 14 The Grove here is the complete story: “I was thinking maybe she killed Karen and David,” Tyreese tells Carol.

Season 4.

Carol Peletier/Tyreese Williams; Carol Peletier; Tyreese Williams; cyreese; Christmas fic; Family; but also smut; anon request; Summary. Cyreese ZA/AU. #carol #fanfcition #rick #twd #tyreese.