This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2416, over 400 years away from the Original Bleach's timeline. The power produced by the Zecter is a transformed mixture of Reiatsu from Dark Kabuto and his darker emotions, coloring his energy black and crimson when using it. Dark Kabuto Kunai Gun Kabuto's weapon with three modes: Axe, Gun and Kunai Mode.

Bandai Kamen Rider Zero-One DX Hiden Zero-One Driver 4.6 out of 5 stars 686. ARRANCAR Name: Hero (Hero Without a Name) Alias: Dark Kabuto, Kabuto Age: Real Age is unknown, but is apparently a bit older than the Quincy War. The story revolves around a man named Souji Tendou. Looks: Early 2. - Kamen Rider Hyper Kabuto: * This is Kamen Rider Kabuto after he acquires the "Hyper Zecter", which is a second zecter that augments any original Zecter's power.


This is the Dark Kabuto Zecter, the dark version of the Kabuto Zecter, for the character Kamen Rider Dark Kabuto. So if someone is plan to buy one, i doing right now before that are sold out or worse,if they raise the price. After Kabuto Zecter, Gatack Zecter and Hyper Zecter here comes a new item from the Kamen Rider Kabuto series in the range of Complete Selection Modification for the 10 years old of the series.

The Zecter itself hides in 'folds' between timelines, and emerges when it is needed. Gun Mode is the default mode, fires high-intensity ion blasts and is equipped with tri-laser targeting, performing the Avalanche Shot. Kamen Rider Kabuto - DX Kabuto Zecter by ... Kamen Rider Kabuto Henshin Belt DX Dark Kabuto injector over 3.3 out of 5 stars 2.

This Dark Kabuto Zecter, dark version of the Kabuto Zecter, for the character Kamen Rider Dark Kabuto go out finally from the special exhibition for the 45 years of the Kamen Rider franchise which was from April 21th … This S.H.Figuarts Kamen Rider Kabuto is a rare item and this series of toys.For the price to be this cheat is a awesome and kabuto is one the first s.h.figuarts to come out in the series. He has trained his entire life while waiting for the Kabuto Zecter so that he may properly take up the name of Kamen Rider Kabuto.Making many enemies while at the same time meeting other Riders with mysterious origins of how they got there, Tendou attempts to accomplish his goal at all costs: destroying all Worms that … He has access to the Dark Kabuto Zecter, a black verion of the Kabuto Zecter, which allows him to transform into Kamen Rider Dark Kabuto. Story Edit. Souji Kusakabe is a mimic version of Souji Tendou (Kabuto) who was captured and used to test the Hyper Zecter. He uses it to return to save him just before Kagami was destroyed. Bleach Platinum Hearts RP [Active] Welcome to Bleach Platinum Hearts RP! Souji Kusakabe (true name unknown) is Kamen Rider Dark Kabuto, an artificial Native made to mimic the form of Souji Tendou / Kamen Rider Kabuto and a major antagonist in Kamen Rider Kabuto. $264.19.

Ce Dark Kabuto Zecter sera disponible en Janvier 2017. The Hyper Zecter is then seemingly destroyed, and Kagami was destroyed by the worm. Name: Souji Kusakabe Designation: Kamen Rider Dark Kabuto Weapons: Dark Kabuto Kunai Gun Gear: Dark Kabuto Zecter, Dark Rider Belt Souji Kusakabe was originally an human infant used in Negishi's experiments in hopes of turning all of humanity into Natives, turned into a Worm that mimicked version of Tendou in order to be used by Mishima in the testing of the Hyper Zecter. Axe Mode is made when the gun barrel is held, and the bladed part of the weapon is a tomahawk, it performs the Avalanche Break. 35 "The Hellish Brothers" It turns out, the Hyper Zecter merely warped itself through time to come to Tendou allowing him to transform into Kamen Rider Kabuto Hyper Form. As a boy, "Souji" was captured by Masato Mishima and forcibly converted into a Native Worm.With his Native Worm powers the subject was made to mimic the form of Souji Tendou.