Stunning Friesian / Paint cross gelding. Friesian. It will likely be heavier built like the friesian parent. Posting Isabel for a friend. The premier registry choice for sport bred crosses of Friesian heritage. Friesian Stallion. She clips, ties, loads, and quickly picked up basic groundwork. Lots of color! Used extensively on … GG is a fairly new breed, the breed association was founded on 1994. Offering a legitmate, reputable registry for Friesian Sporthorses worldwide.

Together we have established a new registry for the Friesian/Quarter Horse cross. APHA (Paint)/Friesian crosses are eligible for registration as well as AQHA (Quarter Horse)/Friesian crosses Quarter horse/Arabian cross Source 3. 1A Superb Move - Friesian Cross, Proven Broodmare, 2nd Level Dressage, Trail Friesian Cross, Proven Broodmare, 2nd Level Dressage, Trail
We specialize in affordable quality Friesian cross foals. FL. Discover Pinto Friesian Horses for sale on America's biggest equine marketplace. Stallion-Brooksville, FL.

This cross exhibits astounding athletic ability, fluid movement, and abundent grace sure to catch anyones eye! Gabriel has had 90 days professional training with trainer… View Details In fact, with careful breeding it would be possible for a horse to look almost 100% purebred but be paint, pinto or even champagne or pearl.

Don't be fooled by imitators. She floats, she has energy, she is powerful and she has a quiet presence. Secure your Friesian Clyde cross colt or filly in utero to our traditional .. Austin, Texas. Discover (and save!)

"Zayne" is a total lap … The only* Friesian cross known to have made it to Grand Prix dressage is a Friesian Sporthorse (Friesian/TB.) 1/2 Friesian, 1/4 Paint, 1/4 Belgian Source 6.

PEYTON, CO. Current Search. Nitika was my first Friesian cross, and what a gal she is. Born on April 26, 2012. "Isabel" is a 2 year old mare, 1/2 Friesian and 1/2 Paint horse cross. Mare-Austin, TX. Has a great mind to think through tuff situations, to keep you out of trouble. Fresian / Tobiano Horse Mix-breed Source 10. Dark Bay Colt. Imported From THE Netherlands. 2. Friesian Sport Horse. The premier registry choice for sport bred crosses of Friesian heritage. Other Friesian Cross Mare, Friesian Paint Cross Mare in North Carolina. and crossing of our pure bred Friesian Stallion, "Abe Von Reh", with Percheron, Paint, Thoroughbred, Saddlebred, Shire, … Legende van Dream Gait Thorben 466 x Jasper 366 Breed:Friesian Gender: Filly Color: black YOB: 2019 Registered: KFPS Friesian Registration Number:201902382 Sale Price: 11,900 Cross-Breeding Have you ever thought about how nice it would be to add that wonderful Friesian temperament to your favorite horse breed? You can see her story in Nitika Friesian Sport Horse Sold Metina, my second Friesian cross was born May 12, 2007 sired by a Friesian stallion named Matthijs R.S, (Jorrit 363 x Ouke 313) and with Mekeezun as her dame. If you would like to create your very own Moriesian, Georgian Grande, Warlander or another beautiful cross and have the perfect mare for the job we would like to help.
$5,000 Friesian Sporthorse Gelding. Sturgis, MI. HODGENVILLE, KY. $7,000 Mazikeen - yearling sport horse filly. All of these horses may look Friesian but, they are in fact, at most cross bred horses. He is 11yrs old current on everything. Imported From THE Netherlands. TX. Browse the latest Friesian Cross horses for sale or search by location, discipline or price on the #1 most trusted equine classifieds website online! 1/2 Friesian, 1/4 QH, 1/4 Percheron Source 8.