CK Power offers a wide range of diesel generators such as mobile, portable, Tier 3 and Tier 4. These buses have undergone testing by the Federal Transit Agency, allowing for comparison of fuel efficiencies across vehicle type and over the same test conditions.

Because diesel fuel is more expensive than natural gas upfront, many people believe that means diesel generators are more expensive to run. When considering the cost of running an alternative fuel vehicle—the cost of the energy in the vehicle (the fuel) is one important piece of determining the vehicle cost.

Diesel generators. Another differentiator between gas and diesel engines is life expectancy. Consider these points when deciding on a new generator for your power needs. Here are the pros and cons for diesel vs. gas generators. It’s collected from gas pockets inside the earth, and is processed to produce products like propane, ethane, carbon dioxide, and nitrogen.. What is Natural Gas Used For? What You Need to Know Natural gas Diesel Litre Equivalent 1 GJ 27.7 litres of diesel 1 kg* 1.462 litres of diesel 1 m3 1.032 litres of diesel 1 ft3.0292 litres of diesel This product is made possible by a financial contribution from Natural Resources Canada. Gas vs. Diesel Engine Life Expectancy.

Natural gas is a flammable gas consisting of methane, nitrogen, and carbon. 2017 Gas vs. Diesel Truck Comparison: Which is Better? Compressed natural gas can also be considered a currency as it provides this energy service directly.

Posted on June 27, 2017 September 26, 2018 by Magnum Admin If you’re considering investing in a new truck, the age-old question of “is a Gas vs. Diesel Truck better” is sure to cross your mind as you begin browsing vehicles. Pros. Essentially, a gasoline engine is a spark-fired combustion, and a diesel engine utilizes compression. However, the initial price of fuel is deceiving. In the 19 th and 20 th centuries, consumers sued natural gas to light houses and streetlights. Diesel generators require less maintenance, resulting in a lower maintenance cost As Matthew DiLallo mentions in the article linked at the top, gas and diesel prices are about 2/3 based on oil, compared to about 1/3 of the price for natural gas. Gasoline, diesel, and electricity are all energy currencies which can be used to power transportation. When gasoline engines hit the 120,000-150,000 mile mark, the cylinders will start to show some wear, which decreases efficiency. The bus manufacturer New Flyer makes the same bus (40-foot Xcelsior) in diesel, diesel-hybrid, natural gas, and battery electric versions.