Nicknames for Autumn.

I think I actually suit the name Summer a bit better. 18.

5. Autumn Well, duh!
Aurelia This girl name is of Latin origin, and the meaning of Aurelia is "golden" - perfect for autumn. Spitfire: This is a reference to the fiery temper that red heads are supposed to have. ppl make fun of my name and i dont like it so wats a good nickname for autumn? 15.

Autumn is 2 syllables.

I have tan skin, blonde hair, and hazelish blueish greenish eyes. Roxy: You can also modify this nickname and make it Roxy Red. We already have names for Isabella Me: Bella Husband: Immie (Her initials are I M-Immie) And my husband is desperately trying to come up with something for Autumn.

Haha. Autumn: Autumn is when the leaves turn red and orange. my name is autumn.

It’s still 2 syllables.

. 1. 14. 17. something sweet and easy 2 remember and something cute let me know thanks 6. . This name replaced the word Harvest in the middle of the 16th and since then, has been more popular as a baby name. Its funny.

Submit your funny nicknames and cool gamertags and copy the best from the list. Nicknames for Autumn? I was born in Autumn in my country, my I would be born in Spring in some other countries. 16.

Haha. Christy • Fri, Aug 28 • Mommy to a sweet and spunky 7 year old daughter and sweet baby girl #2 was born on December 29, 2015! So far we've had : Auzzie (a definate NO from me) Tummy (Ditto) Umm (Ditto Ditto) And so i thought id see what you all thought.

Autumn: This beautiful name has a reputation for being a hippy classic. Autumn is the hottest season name, holding a … Autty, Fall, Autumn Bottom, Tom, Tunne, Looney Tunne, Baby Tunne, Amber, Bambi, Auttie Hottie, Tummy, Seasons Poppy: A number of poppies are red, which might be why this makes a great nickname. Nicknames, cool fonts, symbols and tags for Autumn – Audie, Autie, Fall, Almond, Autumn Bottom, Yutumn. i dont want it 2 be like april or anything or summer or like tum tum or anything short for autumn i want a real nickname. Flame: Fire is red, and red heads are supposed to have a fiery temper as well. If your concern is that it “feels a bit . Create good names for games, profiles, brands or social networks. long”, you don’t save any time with a nickname like Auto.

I am almost 31 weeks pregnant with twin girls Isabella Morgan and Autumn Rosalie.