Accolades [edit source] There are no accolades specific to this mission. Lieutenant is a commissioned officer rank in many military organizations, naval services and space forces, most notably the Federation Starfleet. Here are the possible answers to the Star Trek lieutenant crossword clue you are looking for, it has 5 letters answer. They are commonly addressed as "Lieutenant." ''Star Trek'' lieutenant -- Find potential answers to this crossword clue at Creating Lieutenant Ilia. Contents. ; Lieutenant Saavik is particularly hard to level past 40 because the Uncommon Subcutaneous Transponder ★★ has notoriously low drop rates. Enterprise NCC-1701-D in 2369.She was at the transporter console during the second beam-down window to Nervala IV, as the Riker "twins" investigated the bizarre transporter conditions that created "Tom" Riker years earlier. Data bemerkt sofort das auffällige Verhalten von Barclay und meldet dies La Forge. Star Trek uniforms are costumes worn by actors portraying personnel from the fictitious organization Starfleet in the Star Trek science fiction franchise. Lieutenant Chekov is a version of Chekov from the film Star Trek: The Motion Picture. Originally upon completing the objective Speak with Admiral Quinn, the player received the optional mission “Attend Lieutenant Commander Ceremony (Optional)”.

It's hard to imagine how ground-breaking the character of Lieutenant Uhura really was in social terms.

Cmdr.). (Played by Dr. Mae Jemison). The character Ilia was originally created by Gene Roddenberry for the aborted second Star Trek television series Phase II.

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The character was portrayed by Nichelle Nichols through the sixth Star Trek film. Star Trek (deutsch etwa: „Sternenreise“, „Sternentreck“, „Reise durchs All“) ist ein langlebiges US-amerikanisches Science-Fiction-Franchise, das der Filmproduktionsgesellschaft Paramount Pictures bzw. Relive the "Mirror, Mirror" episode of Star Trek with this Keepsake Christmas ornament of Lieutenant Nyota Uhura. Notes. At higher levels, she needs many Uncommon IDIC ★★ and Basic Science Experiment. Lieutenant, junior grade is a commissioned rank in Starfleet. This makes it difficult to distinguish which lieutenants are of which grade. 1 Advancement; 2 Away Team Skills; 3 Ship Ability and Bonuses; 4 Notes; 5 Quotes; Der Star Trek Enzyklopädie zufolge wird man als sehr guter Kadett mit außerordentlichen Leistungen auf der Sternenflottenakademie direkt nach dem Abschluß zum Lieutenant Junior Grade befördert.

Lieutenant Chekov is a Super Rare [4-star] crew member. chats with Michael Dorn about his iconic role as Lieutenant Commander Worf, his favorite Star Trek episodes and more. deren Mutterkonzern ViacomCBS gehört. Nyota Uhura (/ n i ˈ oʊ t ə ʊ ˈ h ʊr ə /) is a fictional character in the Star Trek franchise.