It also mentioned a CA125 level of 70 or below at the time of the third chemo cycle is another positive predictor to outcomes. That’s because not all ovarian cancers cause CA-125 levels to rise. As well as helping diagnose ovarian cancer, CA125 blood tests are sometimes used to monitor the treatment of ovarian cancer or check for signs of recurrence. This has prompted me to wonder if a low CA125 has any correlation to delayed disease progression and overall survivability. CA-125 can be measured following ovarian cancer treatment. 2012 Jan18(1):68-73. However, there are other causes for raised CA125 levels such as menstruation, endometriosis or ovarian cysts. CA 125 Levels: Your Guide | 3 New studies were launched to see if CA 125 might be useful as a test to diagnose and follow ovarian cancer patients. However, some women do have a naturally high level of CA125 in their blood. So far Cindy has met the positive thresholds: At 3rd Neoadjuvant Chemo = 17. Nadir CA125 - 1 L4W In most healthy women, the level of CA125 is usually less than 35 units per millilitre (u/ml). Half of all women with early stage ovarian cancer do not have elevated CA125 levels. The most common use of the test is the monitoring of people with a known cancer that elevates CA 125 level, such as ovarian cancer. Unless you’re at high risk, your doctor probably won’t use the CA-125 test to screen you for ovarian cancer. If your CA-125 level was high, then you will need additional studies (Imaging of your abdomen) to look for any evidence of cancer. High CA-125 levels after treatment is complete may indicate that the cancer has come back. CA-125 has found application as a tumor marker or biomarker that may be elevated in the blood of some patients with specific types of cancers, or other conditions that are benign. A decreasing CA125 level can indicate that the cancer is responding to treatment, whereas an increasing CA125 may indicate continued cancer growth. Levels of this protein in the blood are most commonly checked in connection with ovarian cancer treatment or diagnosis, and elevated levels can mean that a patient has ovarian cancer or that a cancer is recurring. The National Comprehensive Cancer Network states that regular testing for CA-125 should be optional and discussed with a doctor. CA 125 (serum); Association for Clinical Biochemistry (ACB), 2012. CA-125 is used as a tumor marker—which means the test can help show if some types of cancer are present. However, false positives do happen. Eventually, a CA 125 level of 35 units was found to be a useful cutoff point, with 99% of healthy women having values less than 35. This has prompted me to wonder if a low CA125 has any correlation to delayed disease progression and overall survivability. CA-125 also known as mucin 16 or MUC16 is a protein that in humans is encoded by the MUC16 gene. MUC16 is a member of the mucin family glycoproteins. If CA-125 levels rise, the cancer may not be responding to treatment. CA125 is a protein found in the blood and can be produced by ovarian cancer cells. Mine remained high for my first 3 chemos and then dropped dramatically, others seem to have dropped after the first chemo. Ca125 is a cancer marker, it indicates the presence of cancer but there are other reasons it could be higher than 'normal' so ca125 tests are used in conjunction with other tests and also as a way of monitoring what effect treatment is having. Rising levels of CA 125 in the absence of clinical or radiographic findings indicate what is termed as a biochemical relapse, ... those with an elevated serum CA 125 level prior to cancer surgery had a worse 5-year overall survival rate (86.8%) than did patients in whom serum CA 125 was not elevated (94.8%). The article basically says time of remission can be associated with the nadir CA125 level after/during chemo.

The best use for CA-125 in medicine is tracking the response to the treatment of ovarian cancer that secretes the molecule. The test is more sensitive for ovarian cancer in postmenopausal women. For example in patients who have ovarian cancer with high CA-125, a drop in the level indicates that the cancer cells are dying.