I found 8 lists of "top world music albums of all time" in books, magazines and web sites and combined them into one list. World Circuit, 2001. She learnt to sing in her orphanage choir, but gave up to support... 3 Pirates Choice Orchestra Baobab Lusafrica/BMG, 1992. 50 essential cds from around the world 2 Miss Perfumado Best World Music Albums of All Time - 8 Lists Combined. Countless world music compilations came out in the early 1990s, including this eleven-song CD from the L.A.-based Rhythm Safari label. 28th World Music Competition 2020 1 Point €4,98 EUR 2 Points €9,96 EUR 3 Points €14,94 EUR 4 Points €19,92 EUR 5 Points €24,90 EUR Name of the participant:

Double world music CD compiling the best of quality world music produced by Nada Records Original Arabian Balkan Irish and South American music the fascinatings sound of East and West in unison. The Best of World Music focuses not only traditional sounds, but on contemporary pop music from Africa and Latin America. The RYM version contains every album on two or more of the 8 lists. Author: erikfish. Cesaria Evora