Created as the 47th clone of scientist Otto Wolfgang Ort-Meyer and made with the DNA of the Five Fathers, Agent 47 is a genetically enhanced master assassin, part of a project by Ort-Meyer to create perfect, obedient assassins. CONTROL agent killed while investigating the smuggling of counterfeit money into the us by KAOS. After several exchanges of fire, both Ellen and 47 ran out of ammunition for their rifles, without anything to show for it. Agent 47 generally speaks in a monotone, proper, non-threatening tone, rarely swearing, or even raising his voice. 47 is also the head negotiator for the Guild of Surviving CONTROL Agents (GSCA) and before he dies he passes this position on to Maxwell Smart. At least 9-A to at least 8-C with C4 and his strongest weapons generally. His genetically engineered mind and body make competition next to nothing, and for this reason, Agent 47 is considered to be the greatest (and not to mention, most discreet) assassin in the world. Tier: 9-B physically, higher with equipment He was portrayed by Thomas Kretschmann, who also play Professor Zündapp in Cars 2, and Wolfgang von Strucker in Captain America. He is voiced by David Bateson. Although he is the protagonist, his works and doings have made him infamous as a professional killer. Name: Agent 47 Job: Auftragskiller Waffen: Alles mit Schalldämpfer, Klavierstahlseil, Dolch, Fähigkeit: Holo Gedächnis, Schauspiel und Verwandlungs Experte, Verhörexperte Charakter Bearbeiten. Agent 47 also known as The Hitman is the protagonist of the Hitman games. Based on the Hitman video game series, this film is considered a remake of the 2007 film Hitman, rather than a sequel. 47 also has a blank and somewhat sinister facial expression, often scanning the scene with his eyes; the only other facial expression 47 has been known to show his pain. Portrayed by Pat McCaffrig [Episode #32: "Strike While the Agent is Hot"]. Hitman: Agent 47 is the 2015 feature film adaptation of the popular videogame series Hitman. Hitman is an action-adventure stealth video game in which players control Agent 47, a genetically-enhanced assassin, from a third-person perspective, as he travels to international locations and carries out contracted assassinations of criminal targets across the globe. Contents . Navnet 47 stammer fra de to sidste cifre i en stregkode, der er tatoveret i hans nakke: 640509-040147. Agent 47 (also lsimply known as 47) is an assassin/hitman and the titular protagonist hero/villain of the Hitman video game series. The shots missed as Ellen took cover behind a large boulder. Agent 47. Hitman: Agent 47 is a 2015 German-American-British action-thriller film directed by Aleksander Bach, written by Michael Finch, Kyle Ward and Skip Woods, and starring Rupert Friend, Zachary Quinto, Hannah Ware, Angelababy and Thomas Kretschmann. Rupert Friend stars as Agent 47, an operative who must find the daughter of the man who is responsible for the creation of "The Agent Program", which is also responsible for his own creation, as well as many other genetically modified humans dubbed "Agents", who are bred to be the perfect assassins. He is a genetically engineered clone of Dr. Otto Wolfgang Ort-Meyer. Agent 47 climbed out of the cart, realizing his disguise as a Mongolian peasant was blown. Agent 47 (known as "The Hitman" and "47," among many pseudonyms like "Tobias Rieper") is a highly skilled assassin, both in ability and in his techniques. Agent 47 (known as Mr 47, or more simply 47) is a hitman working for the International Contract Agency, who was born on September 5 1964 and spent his life working for them as he is a clone genetically engineered by Dr. Otto Ort-Meyer to be the perfect killer.

Hitman is a 2007 action-thriller film directed by Xavier Gens and based on the video game series of the same name.The story revolves around Agent 47, a professional hitman, who was engineered to be an assassin by the group known as "The Organization".He becomes ensnared in a political conspiracy and finds himself pursued by both Interpol and Russian intelligence. In the 2007 film, he was portrayed by Timothy Olyphant, while in Hitman: Agent 47, he is played by Rupert Friend. Even higher with preparations Contents . He is the chairman of an international terrorist organization called "The Syndicate International".

47 took an M4 carbine out from the cart and returned fire at Ellen. In the 1950s, five men of various nationalities served in the same unit of the French Foreign Legion - Otto Ort-Meyer, Lee Hong, Pablo Ochoa, Franz Fuchs and Arkadij Jegorov.