Share. With ups, downs and unexpected surprises, it’s busy work raising a baby. Feeding a child is frustrating. The food is a reasonable price too, as some baby food can be quite expensive, so I think these pouches are pretty good value for money.

Learn more about Little Journey products. Tear-free is the way to be at bath time.

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Little Journey, Baby Food at ALDI! 0 Shares. After our child ate them she was up all night with a sugar high. Tommy will love something one day, so I’ll go out and buy it in bulk and then refuse to eat it the next day. Available in assorted flavours, textures and aromas to give your bubs a head start.

From food to nappies, formula to wipes, the Mamia baby care range helps you keep playing peek-a-boo, not peek-a-poo. Our Mamia baby food range has been made with love for your little one. We went to aldi and purchased a selection of mamia puree baby foods in the twist top pouches. And like so many of Aldi’s baby and toddler range, it’s great quality and amazing value too! Aldi sells baby wipes and award winning baby nappies at affordable prices that are loved my Mums.

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At Aldi, we have a wonderful range of products for your baby – from delicious and nourishing food to other essentials, like nappies and wipes. Cupler’s family typically buys Johnson & Johnson or CeraVe baby wash but was pleased with Aldi’s baby wash performance. Heinz Baby Juice and Baby Cereal available at your local Aldi store today. Ready when you’re not. Tommy will love something one day, so I’ll go out and buy it in bulk and then refuse to eat it the next day.

Baby Food. 0 Shares. Shop for baby-food at ALDI. Pin. Walmart: $9.94 for 56 ounces — 18 cents per ounce. Get products you love delivered on the same day by Instacart. There are a variety of flavours, so baby doesn't have to have the same thing over and over again which is great when you first start weaning.

I purchased these 4 oz pouches at my local Aldi for about 79 cents. Amazing everyday baby products From award-winning nappies and wipes to nutritious organic baby food, you’ll always find great value baby basics in store. As a parent, you've got enough to worry about. Target: $5.99 for 28 ounces — 21 cents per ounce. Allegedly it takes 12 times for them to try certain foods before they will eat it. That’s where Mamia comes in. Share. We tried it again another day as we thought it was something else, but sure enough it happened again after she ate these products. Little Journey, Baby Food at ALDI!

Baby Pouches. Which is why we test to ensure all Little Journey food meets or beats the quality of national brands.Jam-packed with the nutrients your baby needs in tons of delicious flavors, our baby pouches still cost up to 50%** less.We know parenting can be hectic, but grocery shopping shouldn't be.