Earth Sciences; All Topics; Random ; Astronomy. How far is Algol? At such distances from the star, such a planet would have an orbital period over 27 Earth years. Starting point: Destination: Distance: Source: Earth: Acamar III (Theta Eridani) 161.316 ly: TNG [057] The Vengeance Factor (real star) Earth: Alcyone (Eta Tauri, in Pleiades=M45)* 367.735 ly: TNG [005] Haven (real star) Earth: Aldebaran III (Alpha Tauri) 65.119 ly: TOS [002] Where No Man Has Gone Before, DS9 [036] Shadowplay, TOS [040] The Deadly Years, …

Algol Paradox Planetary Science. Note, however, that a further seven faint stars are listed in the Washington Double Star Catalog as being members of the Algol system. The distance from Algol ABC where an Earth-type planet would be "comfortable" with liquid water probably lies around 14 AUs or more -- between the orbits of Saturn and Uranus in the Solar System. Alpha Centauri, also called Rigil Kentaurus, triple star, the faintest component of which, Proxima Centauri, is the closest star to the Sun, about 4.2 light-years distant. The two brighter components, called A and B, about 0.2 light-year farther from the Sun, revolve around each other with a period of about 80 years, while Proxima circles them with a period of 550,000 years.

Algol wins notoriety for its wild swings in brightness, which recur with clock-like precision.

The third star in the system (Ab) is a magnitude 2.3 A-type star that is separated from the primary pair by a distance of 2.96 AU, giving the system a mutual orbital period of 681 days. A star system that has been well known throughout human history, it is also the first and most well known eclipsing binary. It is the second brightest star in the constellation, after Mirfak, Alpha Persei. Perseus. Wiki User 2010-10-29 01:39:08. Table of Star Trek distances. The star is also known as Gorgona, Gorgonea Prima, Demon Star and El Ghoul. Distance from Earth: 92.8 ly: Radial velocity: 4.0±0.9 km/s: Proper motion: RA: 2.99 mas/yr Dec.: -1.66 mas/yr: Parallax: 36.27±1.40 mas: Algol, also known as Beta Persei, is a triple star system located 92.8 light years away in the constellation of Perseus. Algol, Beta Persei, is a bright multiple star located in Perseus. However, Mirfak is the easier of the two stars to find, and can serve as your guide star to Algol. Algol (Demon Star) is a bright star in the constellation.