Based-off of the Rotrex C30-94 supercharger, the KraftWerks Civic Si kit produces impressive results throughout the entire powerban unlike any forced induction system you've experienced. - …

The Honda Civic SI also enjoys a devoted aftermarket following, as owners of this car are notorious for finding features to accentuate. ... 2008 8th Gen Honda Civic Si Stage 2 Turbo System.

Starting at $1,799.99. Protection. Upgrading to a cold air intake setup is a quick, easy, and affordable way to give your Civic a … Hotness. 2015+ WRX / Forester XT FA20DIT FA20 TGV Deletes. Honda 8th Gen Civic Si K-Series FG/FA IWG Turbo Kit The Full-Race K-series Turbo Kit for your FA5 and FG2 chassis is proven to be the best performing and most reliable turbo kit for stock OR built K-series engines. Why buy the Si when a Hondata reflash offers more power? The 2006-11 Honda Civic and Civic Si share several important traits, including body lines, i-VTEC engines and forced induction solutions from Full-Race! Kmandulo17 120,421 views ... 8THGEN HONDA CIVIC SI GETS DYNO'D AND WHATS THE BEST MODS FOR FULL BOLT ONS!! Honda 8th Gen Civic Si K-Series FG/FA EFR T3 IWG Turbo Kit. PRL Motorsports is a premium manufacturer of performance products with a wide selection of intakes, downpipes, intercoolers, and turbo kits. Part #: 11550028: Price: 5,750.00 If that's your calling as well, is the perfect place to be for the Honda Civic SI accessories that tell a story. Honda accord and civic performance products, cold air intake, downpipes, intercoolers, turbo kits. That way you’re comparing with same tuner and dyno, still different day to day conditions tho. 2016+ Honda Civic 1.5T Big Turbo Upgrade Kit. This CT Engineering (formerly Comptech USA) Supercharger Kit is one of the best power modifications you can make to your Civic Si. The Civic Si benefits from a host of products for its K20Z3 engine, including complete turbo kits featuring Garrett turbochargers and BorgWarner EFR and AirWerks turbochargers. Shop now The 8th gen has less torque and so you have to really get high in the rpms for the power band while as the 9th has nice midrange torque I find better for daily driving.

May 4, 2016 - Explore SabirskiFA5's board "8th Gen" on Pinterest. Full Forum Listing Come Join the club! Making Turbo a Civic Si 8th gen (PART 1) Bicho Performance.

KraftWerks is proud to introduce its Rotrex-based supercharger system for Honda's 2006-2011 Civic Si. All our Honda Civic front splitters, diffusers, side skirts are made in USA. Product Description Fitment Notes: JDM Front End Civics & Non-OE Bumpers Require 2009-2011 Cut-Down Style Kit