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Zyrofillica 4,765 6th Gear; Member; 4,765 … x2 on this...just don't go too crazy of a color, that way if you decide to sell them down the road, you'll have an easier time selling them. White car what colour rims best? Silver Car goes with wat color rims? =p Not that boring lah but the black ones only looks good when the car is stationary. Link to post Share on other sites. Car wheels today come in a variety of materials and sizes from alloy, gold plated and chrome in sizes from 15 to 28 inches in diameter. White rims look sharp on a dark blue car. Link to post Share on other sites. ↡ Advertisement. Silver body paint with some sort of gray wheel runs the risk of being almost the same color but not quite and just looking ignorant, chrome always works, and black ... well black is just where it's at. I scored on a set of OEM rims for my Passat wicked, wicked cheap. And now you have the definitive answer - end all, beat all. It gives a aggressive look whereas the white gives a sportier look. BMW320i 6,848 BMW320i 6,848 Supercharged; Member; 6,848 3,302 posts; … The guy painted them a slime green/gold, wicked clean, but he sat on them forever b/c no one wanted to go through the hassle of repainting them. ... white color car with white rims is nicer but difficult to maintain. The VHT SP187 Wheel Paint is uniquely formulated, and unlike most paints, it doesn’t fade, crack, or cheap for years. By Metalslug, ... if normal saloon car, jus use silver rims... if u want a fierce look,black or bronze rims will be nice... i dun think white rims goes well wif silver cars.... Share this post . Share this post. Silver on silver looks best. … Zyrofillica 4,765 THREAD STARTER. The shiny finish will pick up the car colour and so appear to have some blue in the rims, which some people find more attractive than the matt finish. The silver can have a shiny, reflective finish, or it can have a flat, matt finish. Both types of finish go well with blue paint. Consider the vehicle you drive when purchasing rims, as the rims can alter the car's performance and handling. Silver Car goes with wat color rims? Before 2010, standard wheel rims where made of steel. This applies to all cars that matter and the algebra there goes like this: your car + some other wheel = a car that doesn't matter. Best way is paint them but you wanna do it right, you need to wash the wheels good, if any paint is peeling or flaking on them scrape it off then you wanna get some scotch brute pads and sand wheels. Just food for thought. Followers 0. To keep your wheels looking good, you need the best spray paint for car rims that will effectively resist the harmful elements. White.