Subaru Flex Fuel Ethanol Sensor Kit (3 Pin) FXT 2005 $ 600.00. This kit starts with the COBB Tuning Fuel Pressure Regulator to Fuel Rail Kit.

For use with up to 450gm charcoal which equals approx 12 briquettes. This allowed early adopters who were ready for purchase to take advantage of the COBB One Sale. Cobb Thermometer $19.95 $14.95 …

Nissan Fuel Pressure Sensor Kit GT-R 2008-2018 ... $ 1,410.00. COBB Flex Fuel Upgrade. Choice of parts for racing and tuning from world known manufacturers.

Other components include the COBB Tuning Fuel Rail Line Kit. Utilizing OEM fuel and electronic connectors, the Ethanol Sensor Kit measures the ethanol content of fuel being fed to the motor. Results varied significantly. All spares for the Cobb to replace lost or damaged items: Grill Plate, Fire Basket, Grommets etc. The COBB Flex Fuel kit consists of an ethanol content sensor and analyzer. All lines are pre-assembled with double-swivel sport crimp style hose ends and ready for installation.

Stainless reinforced PTFE line with black covering has a 3" minimum bend radius which allows for a straight forward installation when used as intended. The COBB Subaru Fuel Rail Line Kit is designed to be used along with the COBB Fuel Rail Kit.

Some users ran several tanks of E85 in a row without issue while some experienced serious loss of fuel pressure in as little as 1-2 tanks of fuel.

It is a plug-and-play solution that is simple and very easy to install. COBB has the answer for you with the COBB Subaru STI Fuel Pressure Regulator Kit. Cobb Oven/BBQ and various bundles.

Cobb Premier Barbecue Kit General Information. COBB Billet Fuel Line Adapter, 5/16-8mm $ 45.00. A complete plug and play solution enabling users to convert their supported Subaru WRX to a Flex Fuel configuration. Made from high end food grade stainless steel. Also, if there isn’t a station with E85 convenient, simply fill up with pump gas and avoid the need to change maps. Cobb Premier Base $79.95 Add to Cart.

Cobb Premier Kitchen In A Box- Complete Package Deal!!! Subaru Flex Fuel Ethanol Sensor Kit (3 Pin) Legacy Spec B 2006 $ 600.00. All orders over £75 are delivered free to UK mainland addresses. This is something a standard tune for E85 cannot do. Cobb BBQ Cooking Grill for Premier / Pro in Colour Box $59.95 $49.95 Add to Cart. Cobb Premier Griddle Plus $59.95 Add to Cart.

Couple this hardware with your COBB Accessport and a Protune and you get the OEM functionality of Flex Fuel with the added performance ethanol has to offer. The Cobb Barbecue Kit is just another way to enhance your Cobb experience, allowing you to use your Cobb as an open grill barbecue.

Pan, Griddle, Rack, Dome Extension, Cobblestone etc.

All lines are pre-assembled with double-swivel sport crimp style hose ends and ready for installation. Cobb Premier Dome (Lid) Holder $19.95 $14.95 Add to Cart. Cobb Premier BBQ Kit with Fire Basket $59.95 Add to Cart. COBB has performed internal testing in multiple geographic locations with different fuel sources in addition to compiling data from COBB retail shops, our Protuner network, and customers. This is a plug and play system that connects directly to factory hardware and mounting points. One last thing that slowed me down; I have the Cobb flex fuel kit on my 13 STi so I didn't use the normal lines that came in the kit, I had to reuse one line from the flex fuel kit.

This kit requires no cutting of the factory hoses and is multi-fuel compatible.