Counterbored holes may be specified as shown in Fig.

A counterbore hole is usually used when the head of a fastener, such as a hex head or socket head capscrew, is required to be flush with or below the level of a workpiece's surface.. For a spotface, material is removed from a surface to make it flat and smooth, usually for a fastener or a bearing.Spotfacing is usually required on workpieces that are forged or cast. Um rebaixo (símbolo: ⌴) é um furo cilíndrico de fundo plano que amplia outro furo coaxial ou a ferramenta usada para criar esse recurso. 186-9 MSC# 09937327 Made in USA In Stock spotface an counterbore and defines each of the terms as follows: 1.8.11 Counterbored Holes. Drill and Counterbore Sizes for Socket Head Cap Screws per. For holes having more than one counterbore, see Fig. Just like in the previous case, the tools used for making counterbores are referred to as, well, “counterbores.” Countersink vs. Counterbore: What Are the Differences? An example would be on a hole in a forging with a rough finish. Views: 626. Counterboore Diameter B. Countersink C Note 1 . Counterbore vs Spotface - Apa bedanya? Counterbore vs. Spotface. Oftentimes, terms like countersink and counterbore – and even spotface – are used interchangeably. or Fractional Size Decimal. 1-36. BAT4015-8B 27/32" Aircraft Counterbore with 3/16" Pilot Hole - Special OVERSTOCK Pricing! Counterbored holes may be specified as shown in Fig. Size Screw Decimal. A spotface generally takes the form of a very shallow counterbore and is used in order to provide a smooth, flat, accurately located surface. Spotfacing that 5/8" bar is going to be an interrupted cut so choke up on the counterbore and feed slowly. A counterbore hole is typically used when a fastener, such as a socket head cap screw, is required to sit flush with or below the level of a workpiece's surface.
After all, they are all meant to make screws and bolt “fit perfectly.” However, each of the three is, upon closer look, considerably different. Diferentes Questões. Rebaixo. A countersink is a cone shaped hole cut into the laminate.It is typically used to allow the tapered head of a screw to sit flush with the top of the laminate. Close Fit Note 2 Normal Fit Note 3 .

1-37. Pertanyaan Yang Berbeda. Counterbore depth: Countersink dia. Counterbore dia. Item code. Thanks, Janek RE: Countersink/bore, chamfer and spotface annotation. A spot face is a very shallow counterbore, used usually to give a high surface finish at the top of a hole. 1-37. Clearance dia. Below, I will take a look at those differences, as well as at the situations in which the three processes are used.