Ballet Terminology is very important to learn for anyone starting with this form of dance. Dance Dictionary The Dance Dictionary is a tool to help you find and understand those pesky dance-related terms used by dancers and dance teachers.
AIR, ENL’: In ballet, a step done off the ground – for instance, tour en l’air, round de jambe en l’air.It is the opposite of par terre. Movements in Dance.

Steps, Actions, and Other Notation: Abbreviations: Description . Abdominals: Muscles found on the belly of the body. Dance forms are even distinguished based on the clothes, shoes and music.

describe: part of the initial process of responding to works of art. Mar 18, 2019 - Explore jazmynpower's board "Dance Terminology" on Pinterest. STUDY. Side is in Morris dance terminology, it is a troupe, a group of dancers. To start with, it can be tricky to remember for any dancer, but soon it will become a natural part to your dancing. You can use it to look up a dance term or abbreviation, as well as the names of dances and dance steps.

We tried to explain them in the most simple and easy way. ; Ball Change- shifting weight from one foot to the other, and back again. By Jake Fuller Modified 7 March, 2020 - 4 minute read.

Collapse Site Notice Login | Sign Up | Print Page. There are multiple steps referred to as the “movements in dance.” There are three movements that ballet/dance beginners learn. Click here for more info. It usually involves description, analysis, and interpretation of dance, as well as some kind of judgment.

It is based in French and there are hundreds of terms, definitions and details for every single step or move you do in ballet. Because there are so many specific positions and variations, it helps to know the definitions. Adduction: Movement toward the midline on the lateral plane. If your school has been closed due to the coronavirus, we are offering free temporary access to Enchanted Learning. Black Swan performance, Orlando, United States. A vocabulary word list (word bank) about dance and dancing.

Jazz/Dance Terminology & Vocabulary. See more ideas about Dance terminology, Dance, Ballet terms. Jazz dance is no different, as there are different terms and definitions that must be memorized to keep everyone on the same page. See more ideas about Dance terminology, Dance and Ballet terms. Chaine Turn - a basic turn used in ballet and jazz dance, as well as other styles.

Dance terminology 1. Spell. Your Ballet Terminology Guide! Because there are so many specific positions and variations, it helps to know the definitions. Types of Dance, Dance Terms and Definitions, Dance terminology - B Dance Terms . You may find it easier to watch a video demonstration of the ballet moves – we just started adding them.


The plethora of poses and positions to learn might have your head spinning, especially since many of their names are in French.

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Gravity. Accent: In music, accent refers to a stress or an emphasis on a musical event. For example, within the genre of ballet, there can be classical or contemporary styles.

Abduction: Movement away from the midline on the lateral plane. Ballet Terminology is like another language in the dance world. Glossary of Terms and Abbreviations from Popular Types of Dance (1) • Ballet • Jazz • Hip Hop • Lyrical • Tap • Ballroom 2 3.

Dance Terminology Pat Miller 2. ADAGIO: Any dance to slow music; also, part of the classical pas de deux in ballet.