Stricter than ever road rules are coming soon.

For drivers in Toronto, for example, Ontario responded with pretty hefty distracted driving rules. The fines for distracted driving would increase from a maximum of $1,000 to up to $2,000 on a second conviction and up to $3,000 for third or subsequent incidents, as well as six demerit points for multiple offences. Distracted driving is one of the leading causes of collisions in Ontario according to police. It has surpassed impaired driving as the number one killer on the roads, and it is an issue that drivers need to take more seriously.1 in 5 road fatalities are attributed to driving while distracted.. Jan 16, 2020 About Distracted Driving In Ontario. DH Toronto Staff | Jan 2 2019, 2:39 pm.

Licenses cannot be … First, convictions under the distracted driving rules will result in the driver having his or her license suspended for up to five years. Toronto Police say that in 2018, 1116 people were arrested for impaired driving related offences. The new laws for distracted driving in Ontario are set to take effect on Jan. 1, 2019, police sources have revealed to 680 NEWS..

This is very concerning as distracted driving is preventable. Police sources have confirmed that Canada’s new driving laws, which received royal assent earlier this year, will officially take effect in the province on Aug. 1, 2019.. All three of these offences relate to irresponsible driving on the road. Whether you are driving a car, truck or public transit vehicle, you are accountable for your actions while behind the wheel. Learn about distracted driving, how you can avoid it, and what is happening in Canada to prevent distraction on our roads. KAWARTHA LAKES-Over the weekend of August 10 th and 11 th, City of Kawartha Lakes Police Service officers charged five drivers with distracted driving.The police service launched a traffic enforcement campaign which targets distracted drivers on August 1st. Distracted driving-related collisions have resulted in 26 deaths on provincial highways to-date, which is almost half of 2018 statistics. The laws in Ontario. Distracted driving puts Canadian road users at risk. Distracted driving is one of the biggest issues on Ontario roadways today. Distracted Driving / Shutterstock. This is how much fines are under Ontario's new distracted driving laws. ... (February 2019) Transport Canada created these guidelines to help reduce distraction from visual displays in vehicles. New distracted driving laws came into effect January 1st and drivers who are caught talking, texting, dialling or emailing using a handheld device like a … Stiffer fines and long-term consequences are coming for distracted drivers in Ontario in 2019. Careless Driving, Distracted Driving and Dangerous Driving On behalf of Doney Law Office on Wednesday, August 7, 2019.