At King's College London, we will consider Level 3 BTECs for entry for the vast majority of undergraduate courses. I. n the past, the BTec coursework-only qualifications were considered by many to be inferior to A-levels. Course ... American and Canadian Literature, History and Culture (International Study) T704 : DDM. In 2015, 26% of students accepted on to a university course held at least one BTEC, according to Ucas . 2 A levels and 1 BTEC Diploma (equivalent to 1 A level).

We accept BTEC Extended Diplomas, BTEC Extended Certificates, Foundation Diplomas and Diplomas. Admission to UK universities with IAL is the same as A levels and through the Universities and College Admissions Service (UCAS).

Its research also found 48% of black British students accepted to university have at least one BTec qualification, and 37% enter with only BTec qualifications.
Most elite universities would not accept … BTEC entry requirements. Over 500 individual universities have formally confirmed they accept Pearson Edexcel IALs on an equivalent basis to GCE A level for undergraduate admission. Access / BTEC Entry requirements.

Please note that we do accept a combination of A levels and BTEC qualifications, e.g. Some courses may also ask you for specific levels of achievement in a particular unit or units as well as the overall requirement. While some of the best universities in the UK require an A level alongside a Diploma or BTEC qualification others do not when a Level 4 or 5 has been completed.

The subject is very important however, your diploma qualification needs to relate to the degree course for which you’re applying. Its the same with top US universities too (Harvard being the toughest university in the world to get into by the by) - these US universities are infinitely more competitive to get into than even the likes of Oxbridge etc and require top grades (and when I say top, I don't mean this generically, I do mean they have to be steller). BTECs are becoming a more popular path to both university and particular jobs in place of, or in addition to, A-levels. However, applicants should be aware for most of our courses (apart from Nursing and Midwifery programmes) it will also be necessary to undertake certain A-levels to ensure that subject specific entry requirements are fully met. You may also need other acceptable Level 3 qualifications alongside the BTEC.