Click on each episode to find out more information, including cast and production team credits, synopsis', facts, merchandise information, as … Apr 15, 2013. Utopia / The Sound of Drums / Last of the Time Lords has Captain Jack's presence forcing the TARDIS to the ends of time itself where they encounter the remnants of the human race searching for a way to get to a mythical place called Utopia. Blink. The Space Museum; The Mind Robber; The Hand of Fear; Tour du Jour. Love the weeping angels. He's played here by Anthony Ainley as a black-clad, goateed, cackling villain in … With David Tennant, Michelle Ryan, Lee Evans, Noma Dumezweni. Below is a complete list of all the Doctor's televised adventures. amazing why can't someone make something similar with the new doctor. Directed by James Strong.

Best Doctor Who Episodes This list contains the top ten best Doctor Who episodes from 1963-2012. 04. In a nutshell: The old Doctor has just foiled a pair of plots by his longtime nemesis, The Master, who new Who viewers know from "Utopia"/"The Sound Of Drums"/"Last of the Time Lords" and "The End of Time." At the time of writing there have been 13 Doctors (plus the War Doctor). A meeting in a London bus with jewel thief Lady Christina takes a turn for the worst for the Doctor when the bus takes a detour to a desert-like planet, where the deadly Swarm awaits. On This Day; 50 for 50; The Randomizer; THT Rand-o-pix of the Day; Tour Notz; The … Amazing episode. N° Part. Regeneration X; The Hurt Locker; The Enemy Within; The Mystery Guest; The Master List; Colo(u)r. Carnival of Monsters; Pyramids of Mars; Enlightenment; Mindwarp ; Ghost Light; Monochrome. Check out IGN's expert reviews of the latest TV shows. If a kindly scientist named Professor Yana, played by Derek Jacobi, can get a rocket to work, mankind could be saved. Good plot and characters. Browse IGN; Sign In . Doctor Who: "The Sound of Drums" Review. sound ideas, bird, rooster - morning call, animal 01 sound ideas, cartoon, boing - jew's harp bounces sound ideas, cartoon, boing - jew's harp boing, short 01 The Sound of Drums; Bad Wolf; In-Betweeners. The Sound of Drums: Que tapent les tambours: Russell T Davies Colin Teague 23 juin 2007: 5 février 2008: 3.12 7.51 13 Last of the Time Lords: Le Dernier Seigneur du temps: Russell T Davies Colin Teague 30 juin 2007: 3.13 8.61 Quatrième saison (2008) Article détaillé : Saison 4 de Doctor Who. The Top Ten. The Doctor is barely in it at all, but his presence is tangible, the monsters are iconic, and the characters are relatable.