Dolch Sight Words vs. Fry Words Both the Dolch and Fry word lists were developed based on the most frequently-occurring words in the English language. Dolch Sight Words Pre-Kindergarten (40 words) a and away big blue can come down find for funny go help here I in is it jump little look make me my not one play red run said see the three to two up we where yellow you.
10 Interactive Online Games to Teach Sight Words to Beginning Readers Sight words and high frequency words are an important part of teaching new readers. Dolch Words. To print your free sight words flash cards: Click on the images below to open each set of sight word flashcards – Dolch Pre Primer and Dolch Primer. Preprimer Dolch Sight Word List These are often referred to as Preschool sight words. Master List of Dolch Sight Words: This list contains all 220 words divided into grade levels from pre-primer to second grade. Download or save the PDF to your own computer. You can add words from the lists to your word wall as you expand your students' skills through appropriate pre-primer or primer decodable books, which will have many of the sight words. We have word wheels, checklists, and worksheets for the Fry word lists. There are a variety of lists with the Dolch words ordered alphabetically, by frequency or by grade. Dolch 1,000 Words Copyright© 2005 by the Dolch Trust SRA/McGraw-Hill grants the Michigan Department of Education permission to post the Dolch lists Edward Dolch also compiled a list of 95 common nouns. Here are the 46 sight words that will help your kindergartner start learning to read. We recommened printing off the appropriate lists for parents so that they know where their child should be. Supports Dolch sight words, Fry sight words, & custom words of your choice. Master List of Dolch Sight Words: This list contains the 220 words sorted alphabetically NOT divided by grade level. Highlight the words correct or circle the words that are incorrect. Dolch Word Lists. This will open a PDF file. He thought recognising these words by sight (rather than by sounding them out) could help fluency in children’s reading skills. This sight word slideshow is perfect for sight word drills without flash cards. Dolch words are a list of 220 common words that are taught to children so that they can be recognized on sight. 1,000 Sight Word Sentence cards with Picture + Sentence - 1,000 Fry Dolch Word Flashcards in 10-Pack Bundle Set, Pre-K to 3rd Grade, Teaches 1,000 Dolch Fry High-Frequency Sight Word Sentences 4.8 out of 5 stars 15 Dolch word list printables - all 220 Dolch words in alphabetical and frequency order plus lists divided by grades.

This will make it easy to track progess using a simple progress monitoring graph. The Dolch list is made up of 220 words and contains no nouns unless they can be used as another part of speech. Open the PDF and print. The Dolch Word List of 220 words in various printable formats. These words have to be memorized, which means they require a lot of repetition and practice. Then, you can encourage your students to use the word wall words in writing samples. Dolch Sight Word Assessment Directions Give each child a copy of the Dolch Sight Word List for the level you are assessing. Print these free flashcards to help your kids learn their Dolch sight words.The Dolch Word List of 220 words includes the most frequently used words in the English language. Many of the words can not be sounded out and so must be memorised for instant recognition in reading. Edward William Dolch first published the Dolch sight words list in his book ‘Problems in Reading’ in 1948. Primer Dolch Sight Word List Leveled for Kindergarten curriculum. Teaching Dolch Words He researched and compiled the list of 220 most frequently used words in children’s books, together with 95 of the most common nouns. Dolch Sight Words Theme Unit: Dolch Sight Word Units Pre-Primer Sight Words Unit : Primer Sight Words Unit : 1st Grade Sight Words Unit : 2nd Grade Sight Words Unit : 3rd Grade Sight Words Unit : Leveled Reading Books Leveled Reading Books : Basic Things Theme Units View all … Dolch kindergarten sight words For early readers, memorizing sight words is invaluable for literacy. Worksheets > Flashcards > Reading > Dolch sight words flashcards. Simply choose which sight word list you would like below and you can view it either in your browser or in a printable PDF format. Printable Dolch Sight Word Lists The following links contain the Dolch sight word lists of the 220 most freuqently used words.
Dolch created a spiraling list of sight words that builds from grades to grades. Flashcards for Dolch sight words. First Grade Dolch Sight Word List A series of common words that you should know like the back of your hand. Phonics Worksheets. As an alternative to Dolch words, you may want to try the Fry Instant sight word lists.

These Dolch Primer Sight Words Worksheets focus on the Primer, or second lot of sight words for elementary school.The primer list includes kindergarten sight words. Learn the sounds made by consonants, vowels, diphthongs, digraphs, and blends. Vocabulary word lists, flashcards and Powerpoint presentations, as well as a special sight words story using all 220 of the Dolch words. Calculate the number of words correct and percentage correct. A total of 53 sight words are learnt and practiced throughout this 120+ page printable pack.