I am a carpenter in WI and have been asked to bore wire chase holes in the knewel posts of the owner’s deck. Therefore to join together I will be screwing through the side of one piece of timber, but into the end grain of another piece... Would this provide enough strength? For example, if you have a knife joint, you will need holes at the end of one of the boards, if you mount an eccentric removable screw, you will need holes (and these holes must be … Example: Shop PORTER-CABLE 3/8-in Forstner Bit at Lowes.com For free-hand drilling, I prefer ordinary twist drill bits.

Getting screws to hold in end grain Because wood is relatively weak perpendicular to its grain, screws don't hold that well when screwed into the end grain. Use a drill bit diameter that is 85 to 90 percent of the screw's root diameter (the diameter inside the threads and not the outside diameter); the hole is a little deeper than the screws length. › Forums › General Woodworking Discussions › Woodworking Methods and Techniques › Drilling in to end grain. Forum topic by 10boreracket: posted 05-02-2011 01:32 AM: 14657 views: 0 times favorited: 14 replies: 10boreracket. Colin Scowen. Therefore, even though they can be made to work, neither of these are preferred. The process is similar to drilling a hole into end grain for a dowel. home | projects | blog. drilling/screwing into end grain of wood. 4 posts in 4336 days. This topic has 6 replies, 3 voices, and was last updated 4 months, 2 weeks ago by Colin Scowen. As you can see the drill bit deflects off the hard edge grain and in this case a 1/8" drill bit is about 1/16th off the location. Check this each time you use the jig to avoid accidentally drilling too deep. Topic tags/keywords: wood turning boring end grain d-bit drill wander hard wood maple musical instrument question lathe. First of all, the drilling will be into end-grain wood. Wood is not an isotropic material, because of the grain, and is relatively weak in that direction.

Instead, drill the pockets on the rail and drive screws into edge grain of the stile. drilling long straight holes in end grain « back to Woodworking Skill Share forum. Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total) Author. I saw this simple trick of screwing into end grain timber and it asks for 'hardwood' plug/dowel. My thinking - being a non-carpenter … Forstner and spade bits do not do well in end grain, at least not as well as in side grain. Screws driven into end grain need to be very long to have holding power, and the pocket screw is quite short. What are peoples … As you know by now screwing into end grain is not a good idea , however when you absolutely have to do it, I have had good results by pilot drilling the holes , then using a screw 4 times the length of a screw you would use for cross grain to compensate for the poor holding power i.e. Use the Right Wood Drilling Bit Most of us are guilty of using the wrong tool for the job out of necessity or laziness at one time or another. What I said was:" 15mm x 90mm x 350mm pieces dowelled together to make sides and bottom.

You can buy small hardwood dowels at the hardware stores but they are up to 12mm/0.5" diameter and about 25-40mm/1-1.5" length, e.g. Just remember that the pocket screw should extend out the end of one piece into the side of another.

They are not fixed. Looking at the local sources Mitre10/Bunnings that they seam to only sell pine dowel rods. Drilling Deep Holes in End Grain Advice on how to drill three-foot wiring chases into the ends of wooden deck posts, in the field. Here's a problem I always encounter when trying to drill end grain, particularly if trying to put a hole at dead center of a dowel or a board. Set the correct pocket depth. Drilling end grain 08-21-2018, 11:46 PM Here's a problem I always encounter when trying to drill end grain, particularly if trying to put a hole at dead center of a dowel or a board. The pilot point should stop 1 ⁄ 8" from the workpiece's end or edge, as shown below. A brad point bit tends to be too aggressive and sometimes can tend to self feed. The holes are to fish low voltage wire for lighting. That's the point. Welcome! "and what I meant by that was that the sides and bottom were made of pieces dowelled together. … Example: Shop DEWALT 21-Piece Titanium Metal Twist Drill Bit Set at Lowes.com Another bit I like to use in a drill press is the brad-point bit. Posts. 05-02-2011 01:32 AM . So, if you had to drill a 13.5mm diam hole into the end of a piece of stud timber to a depth of 150mm, what type of drill bit would you opt for ? My present method is fine as an interim measure but I need a drill bit that is better suited. ... Are these self drilling masonry screws best for old plaster?