Toggle Navigation> Login/Register User Options. But with the regulations ever-changing to liven up, and in this case simplify the spectacle for a new generation of viewers, changes have been made to the most vital of areas. Profile. Even so, F1 tyres are far tougher than those on used on ordinary road cars, which may be able to last for 20,000 miles or more, but would not stand a chance against the rigours of F1 racing. However, there are actually multiple different tyres there, defined by how soft the rubber compound is. How do I check my tyre size? From £29.50 * MOT prices may vary at selected centres. Fully fitted from only £29 * *175/70r13. Ultrasoft Tyre - purple sidewall marking.

For 2019 there are only five F1 tyre compounds hiding behind three colors – sounds simple? All Drivers Hall of Fame . Buy Tyres. But there is more to it than meets the eye.
Latest. Current F1 tyre suppliers Pirelli has a range of seven dry-weather F1 tyre compounds for 2018 Formula One Season. F1 explained: a beginner’s guide to tyres .

This tire is suitable for all circuits that demand high levels of mechanical grip but the trade-off for this extra speed and adhesion is a considerably shorter lifespan than the other tires in the range. Width. The softest 2019 compound is the heir to the universally-popular hypersoft the fastest compound that Pirelli has ever made. Video; Schedule; Standings . Book A Service. Pirelli has revealed its compound choices for the first four Formula 1 grands prix of the 2019 season in its new simplified designation of soft, medium and hard Speed. From £29.50 * MOT prices may vary at selected centres. Click here. Currently, only producer of tires is Pirelli, with their P-Zero brand (one for F1). Hypersoft Tyre - pink sidewall marking. In 2017 and 2018, the FIA Formula 2 Championship continued to use the pre-2017 size Pirelli F1 tyres. Front tyre size increased to 305/670-R13 up from the previous 245/660-R13, while rear-tyre size increased to 405/670-R13 up from the previous 325/660-R13. Pirelli is the official tyre supplier of Formula 1 and will be until at least 2023. Rim. Can't find what you're looking for? 2019 Season Driver Standings Constructor Standings Archive 1950-2019 F1 Awards .

TYRE SEARCH BY REGISTRATION. Often different type of tyre compounds will be avaible to teams, such as hard and soft or special tyres for use in … BOOK AN MOT. Latest. SEARCH BY TYRE SIZE. Drivers. From only Fully fitted £29 * *175/70r13. Skip to Global Nav Skip to Primary content Skip to main content. F1 tires details and technical data Pirelli.