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Provide feedback on this topic. It opens an opportunity to make the part "flexible" by linking some of part's features or sketches to assembly items. Configurations are the foundation of much in Solidworks, but can be tricky to work with sometimes. Model the part up shown one way (unflexed), and create a new configuration in the same part, changing dimensions per config to get what you want the flexed shape to look like.

Remap external references of parts with ease without creating additional configurations or part files.
Content tagged with flexible part. In the FeatureManager design tree, indicates flexible components. Like • Show 1 Like 1. Creating in-context geometry modifications is not always the easiest task in an animation. The remapped external references are deleted and the component returns to its nominal state. The mates in a flexible subassembly are solved simultaneously with the mates of the parent assembly. If you take the part and place it into a new assembly, you can remap the out of context reference using Make Part Flexible. The flexible component updates dynamically when an external reference changes. SOLIDWORKS 2020 Assemblies Flexible Parts. To change a component from flexible to rigid, select the part and click Make Part Rigid in the context menu. This optimizes your data management and efficiency visualizing and validating assemblies with motion. A spring compressing or decompressing is the quintessential example of this. Make any part dynamic with the new Make Part Flexible tool in SOLIDWORKS 2020. Actions . It is the dreaded question that so many SOLIDWORKS animation users find themselves on the receiving end of. SOLIDWORKS Flex Feature for bending, stretching, tapering, and twisting your parts Article by Rod Mackay created/updated December 17, 2015 SOLIDWORKS is a very diverse application and there are many different ways of creating more complicated non-standard geometry. Therefore, moving or rotating a subassembly component does not violate the mates in the subassembly or its parent. You then could switch between the 2 configs to show both states. Like ... 2017 SOLIDWORKS Help - Editing a Part in an Assembly. Bill of Materials recognize the multiple instances of Flexible Parts as a common part. In SOLIDWORKS 2020 Assemblies you can now reuse a part that has in-context relationships to other assemblies.