... to buy a Ford GT … Introducing the Ford GT. Not many cars can be described in two letters, but a Ford GT evokes more emotion and desire than almost any other sports car for sale. This is what true innovation looks like. $500,000 10 / 10. Why is the Ford GT supercar appreciating at such an unbelievable rate?

Review, Pricing and Specs. The Ford GT for sale in 2005 was a concept car with a modern interpretation of the classic racer and it debuted at the 2002 Detroit Auto Show.

2019 Ford GT.

First we need to define the car to understand its place in automotive history. Cena agreed to keep his 2017 Ford GT for two years, but resold it at a profit after 30 days. Update 6/25/2018: According to Jalopnik, Ford has also settled with New Autos Inc., the dealership that came into possession of John Cena's GT and resold it … But time is finally catching up with the Ford GT's no-resale contract.

At the 2013 Mecum Auctions Pebble Beach/Monterey, CA auction, a 2006 Ford GT in Heritage trim with less than 6 miles sold for an astounding $415,250.00. The first batch of cars -- and they were certainly artisanal, batch-made -- were delivered in August 2017. And it’s the same passion for innovation that can be seen throughout our entire vehicle line up.

Ford sues wrestler and actor John Cena for breach of contract. View Photos Overview. John Cena Taps Out, Settles Lawsuit with Ford After Selling His Ford GT ... sued him for breaching the no-resale contract on his 2017 Ford GT. On Tuesday, pro wrestler John Cena filed a motion to dismiss Ford’s lawsuit against him for reselling his one-of-500, $463,373 Ford GT before the 24-month no-resale period was over. Starting at. From its 3.5-litre EcoBoost technology to its ultra-efficient aerodynamics, the Ford GT is the culmination of everything great we do at Ford.