Gadwall Drake Flying Taxidermy Mount (landing on metallic reeds) Reference 349. Cypress Slough Taxidermy offers a variety of custom Gadwall Mounts and other waterfowl species. Shipping Instructions. Males are intricately patterned with gray, brown, and black; females resemble female Mallards, although with a thinner, darker bill. How to Purchase. Bird Gallery. Turkey Heads. your own Pins on Pinterest Cypress Slough Taxidermy is your premier duck taxidermy service in the state of Texas. lets see some fox mounts - PredatorMasters … Mounts For Sale. wood-duck-waterfowl-mount common-eider-taxidermy-mount bufflehead-taxidermy-mounts goldeneyes-taxidermy-mount bufflehead-mounts bluewing-teal-hen=mounts northern-pintail-waterfowl-mount black-duck-preening bufflehead-taxidermy-mount black-duck-taxidermy-mount blue-goose-snow-goose-mounts blue-goose cinnamon-teal-pair-glass-case-mount brant-goose-mount harlequin-sea-duck-bird-mount … hooded-merganser surf-scoter harlequin goldeneye-flight bufflehead turkey ruffed-grouse goldeneye-diving woodduck blackduck canvasback1 bufflehead prairie-chicken greenwing-pair2 greenwing-pair1 green-wing-teal gadwall-limb-mount gadwall-close pintail deadmount drake-canvasbacks canvasback-land redhead common-merganser-hen goldeneye-rock ringbill-stand hen-teal wigeon-pair canvasback … 76. We don’t tend to think of ducks as pirates, but Gadwall often snatch food from diving ducks as they surface. In a world where male ducks sport gleaming patches of green, red, or blue, the Gadwall’s understated elegance can make this common duck easy to overlook.

Dec 14, 2015 - This Pin was discovered by Clint Mentzel. It nests on the ground, often some distance from water. gadwall drake mount - Google Search. People also love these ideas. Taxidermy Display Faux Taxidermy Duck Mount Duck Hunting Drake Wildlife Trophy Rooms Mancave Ideas Birds. The gadwall is a bird of open wetlands, such as prairie or steppe lakes, wet grassland or marshes with dense fringing vegetation, and usually feeds by dabbling for plant food with head submerged. Taxidermy Fox Taxidermy Decor Taxidermy Display Coyote Mounts Deer Mounts Deer Skulls Animal Heads Red Fox Wildlife Art. Home. Whether your hunting in your home state or coming to Texas, Cypress Slough Taxidermy is ready to mount your trophy drake gadwall or other waterfowl species. Join Email List. It is not as gregarious as some dabbling ducks outside the breeding season and tends to form only small flocks. Turkey Mounts. Discover (and save!)