Coming from a woman's point of view, we always play "hard-to-get". ... Me says. My Girlfriend says she loves me more than anything else. Even the most loving, trusting relationships are sometimes plagued by periods of doubt. Every so often she draws away from me and says she doesn't even want to speak to me, that she needs time on her own. When I hear men tell me “my ex says she loves me”, my immediate reaction is to temper their expectations in order for them not to over react! Because when you over react, you often let your impulse and emotions get the best of you and you stray of course; you deviate from the game plan that we will establish together. I may have left information out but I can answer any questions. If his name is Jacob… take him back. Does She Love Me? She’s likely not trying to annoy you by being dishonest, she probably just doesn’t realize how long it actually takes her to finish her makeup or pack up her handbag for the night. Update : I know it is silly to ask you something you know nothing about yet I am sure someone will answer me with a long drawn out romantic story. You are afraid that she doesn’t want to be your girlfriend anymore. When thinking about building a strong relationship with your significant other or simply how to get a girlfriend, love tends to be one of the main ingredients if it is going to last. We had only been living together for 2 months, and she has ended it. All this analysing of feelings is a bit wishy washy don’t you think? 15 Signs She Actually Loves You By Bella Pope - March 15, 2017 11265 0 If you think you know just what a girl’s like when she’s in love, think again.

I thought she was the one, and she thought I was the one. She says she now loves him because he understands her completely and knows what she means at most times. Thats why i broke but lately i saw that that she is giving me signs without any contact. She probably feels like she is putting a lot more into the relationship than you are and it is hard for some girls to believe that their bf's actually love them. Now she says all of this to me, and she says that she needs alone time? So, if you are asking the question, “How do I know if my girlfriend loves me?” you need to have a more open mind about what the real problem could be with her. 19) She has told you she loves you. Check out these 31 telltale signs your ex still loves you and wants you back. The main takeaway here: when she says she’ll be ready in five, settle in and get ready to wait for at least 15 minutes. However, Love can be a complicated thing for many. What can you say when your girl insists that she loves you more? Sometimes I think people get so hung up on analysing their relationship they forget - to have a relationship! My Girlfriend wont show me any affection..but says she loves me..advice i will try and keep this short.. My only explination is that her boyfriend dont treat her in the way she can fell loved anymore and somehow found me. As soon as the negatives of the new situation start to hit home, in your imagination the positives of the old situation seem to shine. My Girlfriend says she loves me more than anything else.