Get one framed and have it on display at your wedding reception. Hi all. Wizard Art Digital Print – £12.20 He's never had an attention span for very much, but he is in love with these books. I actually got married in Feb, but for some reason people are still upset over this. By Hannah Nelson-Teutsch. Books . Because I hadn't read them before, and only saw a few parts of the movies here and there, I never really got what it was all about. Unfortunately the harry potter books don't actually have that much stuff that is ideal for a reading. I am a proud Ravenclaw, he’s a Hufflepuff, so let me start by saying I don’t believe any Harry Potter house is “bad.” We had a Harry Potter theme wedding. I'm getting married and trying to plan my wedding. As I was doing research for this, I found it was also hard to find passages long enough to qualify as wedding readings on other sites.

My husband and I are very into Harry Potter. Potter. READ MORE: The Best Disney Quotes For Your Wedding.

We should finish the third book probably tomorrow. 25 Completely Magical "Harry Potter" Wedding Ideas. After her fiancé popped the question with the Harry Potter-inspired ring, Reddit user Katiemack777 decided to show off her new bling by posting a picture of the colorful piece of jewelry to the site.

Absolutely. 4 years ago. My fiancée and I want to use Harry Potter passages as readings during our wedding, any ideas? When I ask her how she came up with the detail, in the Harry Potter post, of Lenin being a Slytherin — which caused me to do a double-take when I first read it — she likens it to an artist’s signature: “I try to slip something weird like that into most of my posts,” she says. There aren’t many Harry Potter excerpts that would scream “WEDDING READING” to the average couple. Read it for the first time in my early 30s and booked a trip to Harry Potter World a couple months later! I didn't know who else to ask about this but thought you all might have some good ideas. But for the unconventional couple, looking for a different, unique sort of wedding reading to add to their ceremony, these can work perfectly!. Jan. 29, 2016. i'm a huge HP nerd so here are my thoughts, but you'll have to find the specific quote yourself. Archived. Our Favourite Framed Harry Potter Quotes from Etsy. 14 Harry Potter Quotes To Include In Your Wedding Ceremony . Just as we believe that couples should write their own wedding vows, we believe that couples should include wedding ceremony readings to truly personalize their big day!If religious readings aren’t for you, consider passages and/or quotes from unexpected sources, such as your favorite children’s book, a quirky rom-com, or a classic novel. by Rachel Wilkerson Miller.

Harry Potter with the Lovegoods. Disney/Harry Potter/Dr. BuzzFeed Staff. Romance managed. My fiancée and I want to use Harry Potter passages as readings during our wedding, any ideas? What a glorious way to pay homage to everyone’s favourite film! So my fiancée and I are Harry potter fans. Hey guys. Also, with age come experience and I felt I was able to connect to Harry's experiences with death and grief more personally than I would have been able to reading it as child. Help. 32. photo by Marisa Vasquez Photography. Set the tone with a Marauder's Map invitation. Be sorted, earn house points, take classes with our fine Hogwarts staff, debate which actor portrayed Dumbledore the best, and finally get some closure for your Post-Potter … You could look at the classic 'After all this time' 'Always' line, but i … All of them were gathered here for one thing and that was to hear the testament of the-boy-who-lived, man-who-conquered and many more ridicules nicknames; Harry James Potter. It isn't Harry Potter themed but one of my bridesmaids is like my Harry Potter buddy.