There is Life Cycle and Eternal.. The Esroh's. Anouncements. Horse Isle 2 help for quests, mini games and other information. Horse Isle 2 Help. I'm Back ... Riddle Posts. Enter your Horse Isle Username AND the Email that the account was setup with: The Lands of Horse Isle: HI1-The Secret Land of Horses and HI2-The Legend of the Esrohs Alpine There are 12 Esrohs in the game. Words Worth Cave. The whole plot of this game is about a legendary horse tribe, the Esrohs (actually it's horse spelled backwards). Many years ago, they lived peacefully with the people of Horse Isle. Horse Isle: Legend of the Esrohs is a game. You must Wager 100,000 for this if you win you keep your money if you loose he keeps the money. They are what Horse Isle 2, pretty much is. Horse Isle 2 Help. Use this to answer your security question, then your password will be emailed to you. They all ask you to do huge tasks for them. Players of all ages enjoy Horse Isle. Search this site. They are the mystical horses on Horse Isle 2. Awards. Beginner Help Videos: [] Welcome Isle Walkthrough: Completing your first quest[] General Gameplay: Overview of Horse Isle: Legend of the Esrohs[] Horse Isle Money: Ways of earning some money[] Horse Capture: Capturing a wild horse[] Naming your horse: How to name your horse within dictionary rules[] Chatting: Different types and how the filter works We recommend using Chrome or Firefox when browsing Esroh Legends to avoid website problems. A very unique, safe, educational, and fun horse game. The humans befriended them and learned from the horses. Their quests are extremely difficult, and pay off quite well when completed. [ Login | Register] All content in the game is completely non-violent. Welcome to Esroh Legends, the #1 Horse Isle 2 help site! Please make a free account to view Esroh Legends content. The Esrohs are legendary horses who were once a clan. Esrohs is a kind of horse on horse isle 2 but that horse is not ready real When was Thelwell's Riding Academy published? They have iridescent black coats with manes ranging from scarlet to purple that separate them from normal horse breeds. More horse breeds and isles! At the General Store. The only difference between Life Cycle and Eternal is that you can breed horses in Life Cycle, and they age and die, whereas horses in Eternal cannot be bred and don't age. All the esrohs look the same in Horse Isle. Making an account is free, fast, and easy! Esrohs are black, shiny looking horses with red manes. To make it enjoyable for all, we do not allow players to harass others, use rude, obscene or obnoxious language, or in any … A large multiplayer online horse world where players can capture, train, care for and compete their horses against other players. A large multiplayer online horse world where players can capture, train, care for and compete their horses against other players.