Betty, Archie, and Veronica all had to act as if they had just lost their dear friend and boyfriend. Jughead actually faked his own death. So when they actually did attack him, the gang sprang into action. 'Riverdale' Season 4: Did Jughead fake his own death or have the writers decided to kill off a major character?

Why did Jughead Jones fake his death in Riverdale? — H. (@classicbughead) November 7, 2019 SO I SAY Jughead crafts that “perfect murder” and then actually plays it out IRL (faking his death), to prove his story was ACTUALLY the best, so he can win that contest. The rest of the gang had to destroy all the evidence while Jughead … Yeah, it sounds ridiculous, but this is Riverdale people!
Ere to the party, Jughead asked Betty if she trusts him, which she swore him that she did. It has not been a great start for Jug at Stonewall … The COVID-19 "death rate" reported by the CDC goes up with the passage of time, and it has not been substantially revised downwards. How did Jughead Jones fake his death in Riverdale?

Maybe through his research, Jughead learned how to stage a murder to make someone else look guilty, and he's now faking his death as a way … Fans have been sharing an eerie, undated Instagram Live video in which XXXTentacion talked about what he wanted his legacy to be after he died.

Well, the answer is pretty simple the FBI was involved in the cover-up. anyways there's no way jughead would fake his death without telling betty they all have to be in on it. Before the party, Jughead asked Betty if she trusted him, which she assured him she did. It looks like he was already aware that the Stonewall Prep students will try to kill him and so he required a to dodge that. car insurance quotes online. There’s a theory that Jughead kills someone — perhaps Bret Weston Wallis from Stonewall Prep — and has to fake his death and leave town to avoid getting caught.
Jughead had made some new enemies at his new school, Stonewall Prep, and was preparing for his actual murder, which he anticipated. According to this theory, whatever Archie and co did that left them covered with blood at the end of season 3, Jughead Jones was at the center of.

There’s a possible theory is that the jughead is faking his death. Did the CDC Significantly ‘Readjust COVID-19 Death Numbers’? To really make his point, Jughead is acting out the mystery, and faking his own death in the process. KJ Apa Admits ‘Riverdale’ Cast Did a ‘Terrible Job of Keeping’ Jughead’s Fake Death a Secret (Video) ... big fake-out crafted by Archie and the gang to keep Jug safe from his … It seems like he knew the Stonewall Prep students were going to try and kill him and he needed a plan in place. Nothing is too crazy for these writers.

Perhaps the group burned their clothes and Jughead’s beanie to help cover up the crime while Jughead …