Employees who never ask for a raise are considered by employers to be people who are perfectly happy in their current situation and don’t need anything more.

This past year, the owner of the company had decided to sell it and I did not get a raise. It’s like I always say, preparation breeds confidence, and confidence will absolutely increase the likelihood of your success. The opinions expressed here by Inc.com columnists are their own, not those of Inc.com. What to say to ask for a raise People often think that they’ll need to make a detailed presentation about why they deserve more money, but most of the time your request can be fairly brief. Performing the minimum functions stated in your job description at an adequate level probably won't earn you a raise. If somebody quit or got laid off and you took over their duties, you've got a case to make, also. It’s the most important element when it comes to how to ask for a raise or promotion.

45% of people who quit their jobs wanted a raise—here's the exact right time to ask for one Published Mon, Oct 29 2018 10:58 AM EDT Courtney Connley @classicalycourt
The company I work for always does an evaluation and gives a raise once a year. My office manager left in '06 to work from home because she had a baby (still is working from home), so I assumed some of her duties. And now, YOU know it. Express your desire for a raise after you receive your performance review. by Josh Doody. ... Not quite ready to ask for a raise but interested in planning your career path?

If you want a raise or promotion you have to ask for one. In 2011 february I got no employee review, no raise, no one said anything. I don’t think we should quit without asking for what we want. For the past 3 years I have been getting a raise every februray and got a bonus twice in four yrs.

A raise, by definition, means getting extra.

Hailed one of best employees by boss, so raise is likely going to be made but will quit regardless. ... w/ all that you wrote here….my only problem is – what happens when you ask and don’t receive. My word-for-word scripts: How to ask for a raise and get promoted. Sponsored Business Content. I have been working with a company for four years. Let’s face it, there might be a really good reason you were turned down for a raise. Most of the benchmarking research you’ll do and the evidence you’ll put together to make your case for a raise will apply going forward. There are 3 partners, 1 office manager, and 3 marketers.