Be sure to attend classes regularly and drop in on your professors occasionally during office hours if you need help or clarification about a topic or assignment. An important skill needed for college success is an ability to read and follow instructions. Between balancing academics and social life, searching for summer internships and managing stress, “happiness” tends to fall by the wayside. College Navigator - Find and compare colleges by location, type of institution, programs, majors, and more. The following tips are a great place to start. By Nina Friend. But being happy should still be a major priority in college.

Transferring to another college is not like applying to college the first time. This is the phase when we learn from our surroundings and also from the mistakes that we commit. Nearly every college student detests cram sessions. Plan Your College Transfer. If the … Get the best college advice and tips from The Princeton Review. Additionally, work on developing good study habits since you’ll be facing much higher expectations than you did in high school. And while there's no guaranteed roadmap to success in college, changing your study habits and adjusting your approach to your classes can make a big difference. To be successful in college, search out the best professors and try to register for their classes. College life probably is the most memorable part for an individual’s lifetime. 10 Tips to be Popular in College. 18 Things You Need To Do To Be Happy In College. To succeed in college, give yourself incentives to study in advance, like treating yourself to something you’ve been wanting after a test or study session. A campus is its own world, and students have the chance to experience a wide range of activities. Get tips for taking the SAT, ACT & AP exams.

To be a successful college student, try to go to every class so you don’t miss out on valuable discussions and material. So earn strong grades in college … Her work has appeared in Huffington Post, Psychology Today, and more. Also, try to stay active in class by asking questions so you can understand everything the teacher is saying. Explore Outside the Classroom College is about much more than just course work. Browse our college advice articles online. It is the time when we break the cocoon around us and fly like an adult butterfly. College students have a lot to deal with. Article by deeksha rawat, February 8, 2014. In class, take detailed notes to help you retain the information and study for exams. Jamie Littlefield is a writer, instructional designer, and teacher of high school and college distance education courses. Student Exchange and Visitor Program (SEVP) - Certified School Verify if the U.S. institution of … Intense, high-stress study sessions can have detrimental effects on both your GPA and your health. If a college has asked you for a 150-word short answer essay, don't send them a 250-word essay. Your high school transcript and test scores will take a back seat to your college transcript.