Go to my google account setting.

2. Go through the steps below: First, go to Settings on Android device; Then go to Accounts > click on it access account list; Now click on Gmail account that you wish to delete; Then click on Menu Removing a Google account from a phone - If you do this, you will be unable to access Google Play, Google Music, YouTube, and other services on your phone with this account.You can add the account back any time you want. So let’s start the step by step guide on how to delete gmail account permanently. How To Delete Gmail Account Permanently In Android Phone. now scroll a bit and click on the gear icon. step 1) Open Gmail app in your android phone and select email address. Also Read: How To Delete Gmail Account On Android Phone Permanently. just follow my simple steps. Android phones create backups to their Gmail account when you sync it that includes contacts, application, music, photos and so on. Delete Gmail Account permanently. If you have multiple Gmail accounts and would want to delete one of those that you do not use, follow this step-by-step guide to permanently delete a Gmail account on your android mobile phone. So, if you are selling or giving away your phone then you must delete Gmail account from it or else the new owner can … you want to delete by sliding right. 1. How to delete Gmail account permanently let’s start the process of deleting Gmail account on your device. Here are the steps that would help you to remove Gmail account from phone. After that select “Data & Personallsation“. Turning off sync so you aren't seeing the emails that come in - This leaves the Gmail account on your phone, so you can still use it for YouTube, Google Play, and other apps.