Are you unable to swipe up on your Snapchat story to see who viewed it? To access your friends’ Stories, you now have to swipe right to the new Friends page, where you can find all your friends’ Snaps and messages. Read more: The ultimate parents’ guide to Snapchat. The platforms have added new features, including Snapchat’s wellness tool and Instagram’s “Co-Watching” option, to encourage people to stay home and stay healthy. 9 things to do with your new iPhone SE as soon as it's out of the box. A current list of all the Snapchat trophies and how to earn them! Snapchat’s new-found versatility will help it compete with other popular private messaging apps like We Chat, Kik, Telegram and Facebook-owned properties, WhatsApp, and Messenger. Let us know if you have captured all the trophies. - … This Snap update is pretty much the same thing, because not only did we not ask for this, but the new update is showing up on your phone unexpectedly, just like Mother Nature at the worst possible time. Use night camera mode. The new update included an update to bitmojis, making them even more realistic looking.

In this post, I’d love to dig into the Chat 2.0 update: how to use the new features and what this may mean for the future of Snapchat. And considering the layout of the new Snapchat, you kind of need a bitmoji. Supposedly, something happens after you complete the trophy hunt! ... KEY STAT: More than half (55%) of US adults are getting at least some information about the coronavirus on social media. Let us know if you have captured all the trophies. It seems either the latest Snapchat or iOS 11.0.3 update prevents you from being able to swipe up now.

Trying to capture a snap in a dark environment, such as in a dimly lit bar, can be challenging.