Put fold side on the left and lightly draw the heart shape you wish as illustrated in the drawing above the chain. Cut out the heart. For a person, draw the arms and legs extending out to touch the edges of the paper. Crafting expert sophie maletsky shows you how to cut out a perfect heart every time. Making a paper heart chain is an easy and fun craft that is perfect for Valentine's Day, a special anniversary or even a baby shower. Draw a heart on your paper. Here is how you can make some too. Step 1: Fold your paper back and forth in an accordion fold, as shown below. Stack two strips together and staple one end. Swedish Paper Chains - The only thing missing with these links is the glue. (36 strips equals a chain about 54″ long) Note: Experiment with different types of paper. Learn how to make and fold 25 paper heart projects for valentines day, weddings, or just because. You will also have a heart and two circles (one for the front and the back). The paper heart chain will create a line of identical hearts that are all connected together. Heart Paper Chain Instructions.

1. Just cut the colored paper into strips. Valley-fold the paper in half and unfold. The pleats will look like an accordion. All you need are colored paper, scissors and a stapler. Assemble the Paper Rosette Hearts It looks very chic and it’s also super easy to make. Cut out the doll pattern. This is a wonderful twist and super cute idea to make Valentine DIY paper heart chain. Don't cut the edge marked by the arrow, that's where things join. Paper Strip Hearts Draw only one half of the doll since the other half will be across the top fold. Happy crafting!

3. You can also use a smaller sheet of paper (e.g. Shorter is plumper. To make a longer chain glue or tape groups together.

String of Hearts Paper Chain Instructions - Link your heart to someone you care about with this fun Valentine craft.

Even children can do this craft with a little bit of assistance from a grown-up.

How to Make a Paper Heart: This instructable will show you how to make a paper shaped heart, using an 8.5" x 11" sheet of paper. If you add more than 9 hearts to your wreath it will start to get a little droopy.

Take a peice of paper and cut it length-wise into 4 strips. Copier paper is too flimsy and construction paper may not make smooth bends. Simply click on the image or title to be taken to the step by step tutorial. Paper heart chain, room decoration ideas, paper heart design, paper craft ideas, paper heart #paperheart #paperheartchain.