You just put your mind to it more by concentrating on something you have to do and then do it instead of just thinking how lazy yout feel about whatever it is that you have to do (for example if you are lazy about what you have to do, you just have to forget how lazy you feel about what you have to do and just do it). Doing this for a small time everyday can teach us to appreciate life at a slower pace. Living mindfully doesn’t require us to sit in meditation or add any thing to our already full lives. Aim for doing 20 to 45 minutes of mindfulness practice, most days of the week. Take a moment to sit or stand quietly and observe … (If that sounds like a lot, remember that a key part of mindfulness means letting go of expectations.

Practice makes perfect Mindfulness is something to cultivate and practice, on a regular basis. Make a commitment. It’s just a matter of practicing presence with that which that we are already doing.

11 Things You Can Do to Achieve Mind Over Matter 1. Visualize. Visualizing yourself achieving your goals can help you A big part of strengthening your mind to overcome... 3.

Focus. Although there are a number of people who think that meditation is nothing more than sitting quietly,... 2.

Mind Over Matter Techniques – Observe: We are usually so busy with what is going on in our lives that we rarely stop to observe what is going on around us.