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Joined Jul 15, 2010 Messages 1,545 Reaction score 7 Location Florida. Complete water circulation and water flow in the tank is an essential quality of a successful planted aquarium. Better yet, use two smaller ones at opposite ends of the aquarium. Just so you know, I may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page. Powerhead Positioning For small aquariums under 80 litres, you can use one larger sized powerhead. For medium and large sized aquariums you can use two, three, or more units at various and opposing positions around the aquarium. I would position your new filter on the opposite side of the Aquaclear intake (near a dead spot) or if there is no dead spot you can place it directly near the Aquaclear's outtake flow to ramp up the flow in that particular direction. Use circulation pumps to flush a target area with a gentle, high volume flow while making sure to position the pump without overwhelming the corals. I clean all of my powerheads this way every month and feel that it definitely helps the longevity of the pumps! Thread Starter #3 OP . Nov 14, 2010. R2R Supporter. Use the water movement switch to run the Powerhead in reverse flow mode to ensure bacterial activity throughout the sand bed. Speg Valuable Member View Badges. Submerge the Powerhead if required, because the hermetically-sealed motor is isolated from the aquarium water. The Best Powerhead for a 10 Gallon Tank and Why You Should Use Them With a Filter I hope you love the products I recommend!