for responsible, sustainable use of … for hydrocarbon solvents under REACH Introduction: REACH requires a clear and logical substance description. The Solvents Industry Association staged their 33rd and biggest ever Annual General Meeting on Thursday 17th October. HYDROCARBON SOLVENTS PRODUCERS ASSOCIATION NEWS RELEASE For further information: Dorothee Arns, Sector Group Manager [email protected] Cefic Petrochemistry Industry Sector, tel. The resins are base on natural and petrochemical raw materials. Unsere Produkte werden gemäß der Leitgedanken von Product Stewardship und Responsible Care gefertigt und gekennzeichnet. LTD. - Manufacturers,suppliers,exporters & traders of petroleum solvent,industrial solvents,ink co solvents,resin co solvents,industrial chemicals,agro chemicals,textile chemicals, lamination chemicals,printing chemicals,ink reducer from india Introduction – Document Purpose 1.1 To facilitate substances identification and registration within REACH, the hydrocarbon solvents producers have developed a new identity for their products. Consortium description The objective of the Hydrocarbon Solvents REACH consortium is to undertake the collective activities related to the registration of Hydrocarbon Solvents under REACH, including … The products sold by Cefic SRM companies are usually mixtures containing a polymer, one or more solvent(s), one or more additive(s) and possibly some residual monomers. Solvents and the EnvironmentMarch 16, 2015; BiodegradabilityJanuary 16, 2015; Health and Safety. OSPA, the Oxygenated Solvents Producers Association, is a sector group of Cefic (The European Chemical Industry Council).Together with HSPA, the Hydrocarbon Solvents Producers Association, OSPA forms ESIG, the European Solvents Industry Group to promote oxygenated and hydrocarbon solvents in … produced by the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA)2, the Hydrocarbon Solvents Producers Association (HSPA) 3 , and the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) High Production Volume (HPV) Challenge Program 4 . 2.2 The purpose of this document is to … + 32 2 6767374 LHWMP - Dry cleaning with high-flashpoint hydrocarbon solvents 5 to be the preferred alternative to PERC because the technology and processes are very similar to those used with PERC. Yet they do. Hydrocarbon Solvents. REE ATHARVA LIFESCIENCE PVT. Solvents help make energy efficient products. Iranian Hydrocarbon Solvents Producers Association(IHSPA) × جستجو خانه (current) درباره ما (current) تاریخچه مرام نامه سند راهبردی اعضای انجمن … by admin; in Solvents and You — 3 Sep, 2019 ; As the name suggests, hydrocarbon solvents contain only carbon and hydrogen atoms within their structure. INTRODUCTION The purpose of this paper is to present a harmonised method for characterising hydrocarbon solvent … SIA Encourages … HYDROCARBON SOLVENTS PRODUCERS ASSOCIATION Definition of White Spirits Under RAC Evaluation Based on New Identification Developed for REACH 1. 5 ATP is the Adaptation to Technical Progress which relates to the classification of chemicals. There are hundreds of different types of hydrocarbons and are extracted from crude oil in the refining process. Total Fluides is involved in two CEFIC sector groups: the European Solvents Industry Group(ESIG), and the Hydrocarbon Solvents Producers Association (HSPA). HYDROCARBON SOLVENTS PRODUCERS ASSOCIATION; 2 A detailed review of hydrocarbon solvent toxicology is now published in McKee, R. H., Adenuga, M. D., & Solvents Producers Association (OSPA), a sector group of CEFIC (European Council of the Chemical Industry); HYDROCARBON SOLVENTS PRODUCERS ASSOCIATION The Hydrocarbon Solvents consortium was formed in June 2008 by the Hydrocarbon Solvents Producers Association Learn more European Commission – REACH The European Commission plays a key role in implementing REACH legislation and in taking decisions on a number of REACH processes. Consult the Use Mapping for Solvent borne resin production: Use-Mapping-SRM-16-02-2011 . linear, branched or cyclic alkanes and aromatics). European Hydrocarbon Solvents Producers Association (HSPA) understands that there are two critical issues that have prompted the need to revamp the German RCP procedure. The irst report by HSPA was published in 2000. invited the Hydrocarbon Solvents Producers Association (HSPA) – which is the solvents industry representative of the European Chemical Industry Council – to provide a rationale for the clas-siication of these products, primarily with regard to their envi-ronmental, especially aquatic, toxicity. HARRPA – Hydrocarbon and Rosin Resins Producers Association HARRPA represents European based producers of resins. 2. ESIG works primarily to promote awareness of good practices in solvent use and to provide material (posters, videos, brochures, etc.) Consequently, very little training or business interruption is required to use the new machine and solvent. Incorporating a drop-in health and safety exhibition for the first time, with stands provided by[…] Read more. Substance identification is a key component in pre-registration, SIEF and potential consortia formation, and subsequent registration. SRM Guidelines on glove advices for mixtures of solvents. When you see solar panels or bridges you probably don’t think that solvents played a big role in making them. 4 HSPA is the Hydrocarbon Solvents Producers Association.