Being friends with your employees makes it a lot more challenging to actually manage them.

Don’t: Vent about work issues. One thing should be clear: your supervisor is not a sounding board. It may seem that way, but there's a good reason for it. For the sake of productivity, coworkers should aim to get along harmoniously, especially since they work side-by-side for months or years at a time. How to Tell Coworkers That You Don't Want to Be Friends. I don't want to invite my boss to my wedding but it might effect my job,what should do? A few years ago I attended a party that was broken up by the cops—and when it happened, I was sitting next to my boss. When I started at my company a couple years ago, a coworker, “Sally,” invited me to do social things outside of work. This sets boundaries that you can respect both in and out of the office, as well as makes both of your expectations clear right from the get-go. The workplace brings together people from all walks of life. Here’s how a few people dealt with it. My boss is basically pretty cool but,she’s also cold.

But studies show that adding your boss to your friends list can actually work in your favor—if you do it the right way, of course. Let’s face it: We all have a skeleton or two in our virtual closet, and you’re basically giving your manager a front row seat. Some of my friends have not been supportive, and some have seemed outright jealous. Even if your new boss is an old friend who used to commiserate with you about all your irritating coworkers, your relationship has changed. To find out if I’m too casual or too rigid with my bosses, I decided to consult some experts. It’s tougher to enforce the rules and make the often difficult decisions that accompany being a boss. ... You might even be so annoyed at some of your friends that you don’t want to hear from them for a while, or even ever again. People probably don't want their bosses to be able to see so much information about them, and don't want to have to go back in time to censor Facebook photos from their wild college days. She didn’t want to hire me but,I was the only one who could work the days and hours.She talks to everyone except me. In a standard boss-employee relationship, there are some things you just don’t discuss with your boss, and vice versa. My coworker isn’t picking up on my cues that I don’t want to be friends.
Monitor the decisions from that perspective, as well, Dattner says, and don’t be afraid to confront your boss if that’s the case. Always be professional, courteous, respectful, and do a good job. Bosses and employees should retain what is known as “professional distance”, which means not mixing friendship and business relationships. Most likely it will get back to her. Boss Moves: "My Friend Is Jealous of My Success!" ... My problem isn't so much work, but how the people in my life have reacted to my work. And I don’t want to be. She rarely smiles or laughs. Why Doesn't Your Boss Want to Be Your Friend? 1. She only speaks to me when it’s to ask me to do something. I’m told she doesn’t like me because I’m smart and cute with a bubbly personality. Friending your boss on Facebook can be a risky move.

Why Becoming Friends With Your Boss Might Be A Terrible Idea Being friends with your boss can turn into a nightmare if your relationship gets too close. What To Do When Your Boss Doesn’t Like You Anymore. I’ve been invited to a boss’s wedding and gone to dinner with several more. I asked Barbara Patcher, a business etiquette speaker, if bosses and employees can ever be friends. “I don’t think my friendship with Sarah affected my compensation in any way.” When I asked Julie Zhuo, author of The Making of a Manager , how to navigate the financial component of working for friends, she said her advice would be the same even if you didn’t know your boss at all. Sound harsh? Never be insubordinate or talk behind her back. Update : Because he really expect me to invite him.His daughter invited me to her wedding but she used to work there and we were kind of friends.