The Iberian lynx is heavily spotted and weighs about half as much as the Eurasian species, with long legs and a very short tail with a black tip. Iberian lynx Amazing cork. In fact, the world’s most endangered wild cat lives in western Europe. Oct 15, 2012 - The Iberian Lynx is the rarest of cats. But cork’s return to popularity has meant the forests, which act as a home to the lynx and birds including the Iberian imperial eagle, are now being preserved. Of course there will be some birding on route as we cross the provinces of Córdoba and Jaén.

When we think of rare and exotic big cats, our minds usually wander to the tangles of the Amazonian rainforest, the far-off jungles of Africa, or the stunning mountain peaks of the Asian sub-continent. The facial ruff of adults is more distinct than that … The Iberian Lynx Tour starts when we meet in Málaga in the morning.

Its coat is tawny with dark spots and it bears a characteristic "beard" around its face and prominent black ear tufts.

The season for corkcutting is nearly upon us. Posted on May 12, 2018 May 13, 2018 by Siobhan Mitchell. Iberian lynx had long prospered in the habitat provided by cork oak forests, but in the 1990s cork became less marketable and many of these forests were cut down. They have the typical look of the lynx species, with a small head, flared facial ruff, long legs, dark ear tufts, and a very short, dark tipped tail. THE IBERIAN LYNX IN THE ALGARVE. Reproduction and Offspring: After a gestation of approximately 60 days, females produce a litter of 2-3 kittens.They reach independence by the age of 7-10 months, but will remain in their natal territory until around 20 months old. At inCork, our mission is to expand the presence of cork through art in education, innovation and upcycling. The kingdom of the Iberian Lynx The Sierra de Andújar N. P. forms part of Sierra Morena, one of the main systems of mountain ranges in Spain. At just one hour drive on the way we will stop to watch Iberian Ibex. Humans built vacation homes and roads in previously remote lynx territories, further destroying their habitat. There are three distinct individual coat patterns, and the belly fur is lightly coloured. Iberian Lynx Lynx pardinus have a coat colour of yellowish to reddish-brown, patterned with many dark brown or black spots of varying size. Feline predator at risk of extinction. It currently struggles to survive in the cork forests of Spain, where it once thrived. So when the temperature starts to rise in Portugal, the cork cutters work begins. The hottest season of the year is when the incredible cork oaks are ready to yield their outer bark to the specially shaped ‘Machado’ the curved axes of the cork cutters. Dinner and accomodation close to Andújar. THE IBERIAN LYNX IN THE ALGARVE . Distribution: The Iberian Peninsula. Habitat: These Lynx are found to inhabit scrub vegetation, Mediterranean woodland and maquis thicket.

Humans have also illegally hunted lynx and accidentally maimed them in snares meant for other animals.