What is d2h direction I need to set up for Insat 4A whether its tatasky direction or airtel or Videocon d2h direction . 3) Press Yellow button to edit the TP entries. Choose your location on the map ; That's it! Registered members Current visitors.

There may be polarisation rotation scale at the narrow feed throat. Setting the feed polarisation angle involves rotating the BUC/LNB. Hi , I have Videocond2h dish and I want to tune the Insat4A in it and I have Onix Hd receiver which is already connected to disceq with 7 feet dish for IntelSat 17.

Setting up TATA SKY DISH Right to recive TS channels.

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You should find the satellite on the first swing, then spend half an hour peaking up. 4) Input below values for a) Frequency 10970 or 11050 etc.

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My New Two Dish Setup:-Insat 4B ;Nss6 ;Ses8 ;Ses7 I am give you some ss. Members. You must know that to use the C Band receive the minimum 120cm (4 Feet) Dish is to be used.That is, you will have to use 4 feet (120 cm), 5 Feet (150 cm), 6 feet (180 cm) or 8 feet (240 cm) of dish to use the c+ku dual band Lnb.If you have an offsat dish larger than 4 feet then you can also use C+Ku Dual Band Lnb … What's new. In order to locate 105.5°E - AsiaSat 3S with Sat-direction, all you need to know is where you are and know how to look at a map. DD free dish the only free DTH service with no monthly charge will soon be migrating its services from existing Insat-4B to newly launched Gsat-15 satellite. Menu.

For the side to side azimuth bearing use a magnetic compass and boldly swing the dish sideways near that angle. Position : Latitude: Longitude: Direction parameters : Elevation: Azimuth (true) Azimuth (compass) LNB skew: Direction on a compass '; Direction of 105.5°E - AsiaSat 3S. Forums.

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Optus D2 152.0° East Satellite TV Channel Update Frequency Dish Setting Strong TP .

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2) Now select Insat 4a- 14 as the satellite under manual tuning.

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Dish pointing parameters. This indian dth service using two satellites for the reception, insat 4a and g-sat 10. these satellites are from same angle of 83.0°East, you can check the list of transponders used for tata sky dth service. What's new. 1) Fallow my other post Watch Free to Air channels and bring up the LNB settings menu. Menu Log in Register This site uses cookies. Tata sky is an indian dth service provider and they are using the satellite insat 4a for the transmission. Learn more.