Documentation and reporting.

2. Let us look at the objectives of this domain in the next screen.


The auditing process is the specific steps used in a financial, operational or compliance audit.The steps may vary depending on the company and the type of audit services company owners requested from an external accounting firm. Definition of audit objectives and scope.

Internal Audit Process. 2. Audit Process Flowchart. The auditing process consists of defined quantity of audit steps.

Gather information on relevant IT systems, operations and related controls.

Incorporate a checklist approach and document the 5-step audit process for the best results. The following audit process is common to most audits, but may vary depending on the content or needs of the Internal Audit Department and the client. Process Street, as a tool, can help you with this.

Planning is fundamental stage of auditing process. Planning During the planning portion of the audit, the auditor notifies the client of the audit, discusses the scope and objectives of the examination in a formal meeting with organization management, gathers information on important processes, evaluates existing controls, and plans the remaining audit steps. 4.

Develop an audit plan to achieve the audit objectives. Perform audit tests on key IT controls, using Computer-Assisted (CAATs), where appropriate. 1.1 Process of Auditing Information Systems. During planning we work with you to understand and learn about your area so that we can evaluate the processes and controls currently in place. Auditing Process, Audit Planning Process - The audit is complex process of independent examination of data, statements, operations, financial performances of an enterprise for a stated purpose. The consequences of performing inadequate audit processes must be avoided. IT audit (information technology audit): An IT audit is the examination and evaluation of an organization's information technology infrastructure , policies and operations. 3.1 Planning 3.1.1 Preliminary assessment and information gathering.

To make it easy we can make a summary which follows the audit process flowchart above as in the table below:

Summary of Audit Process. Fieldwork consists of specific testing scenarios or steps to identify areas for improvement.

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Planning. Report on the audit findings Evidence collection and evaluation. detailed description regarding the steps and process related to IT Audit. Internal Audit Division. Below is the audit process flowchart that shows an overview of auditing and the main stages of audit. If you continue browsing the site, you agree to the use of cookies on this website. This domain will cover the information system’s auditing process. The auditor initiates the audit process, gains an understanding of the department, identifies risks, and establishes specific audit … 3. Most companies have financial audits once a year; operational and compliance audits are normally conducted on an as-needed basis.

3. The audit process includes the following steps or phases: 1. 4. IT Audit Process. Audit process: Use the professional audit process and get your audits right. The audit process has four phases, each one requiring the involvement of our audit clients.

Determine the objective and scope of the IT audit. The carefully thought-out audit planning process ensures the success of the …

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