Non-edible Jatropha Project, 86.000 hectares in Philippines. The jatropha oil can be used as an ignition-accelerator additive for poor diesel fuels when 2.6% by volume of the jatropha is introduced into pure diesel fuel. Case Study: Conceptual Design of Machine Mechanically Extracting Oil from Jatropha curcas L. Seeds in Small-Scale Since then, NMR has been proven to be suitable for a wide variety of seeds, but only now has it been tested for the measurement of oil content in the seeds of Jatropha. Saponification value: 18185-1955-195 M.I.U(Moisture and Impurities) 0.1 % max. Free fatty acids 3, 5% Max.

Jatropha oil is ideally suited for conversion to biodiesel Jatropha oil, like most plant oils is a triglyceride. Non-edible Crude Jatropha Oil – Specifications. Free fatty acids 3, 5% Max. Jatropha seeds and seed oil quality may get deteriorated on storage due to bacteria, moles, enzymatic degradation, oxidation, and hydrolysis. The composition of the fatty acids in different plant widely. In Polar Regions below 10° C. They can with stand the … However, maximum oil content in seeds varies with geographical location. CRUDE DEGUMMED JATROPHA OIL FOR BIODIESEL PRODUCTION. Base-catalysed transesterification reaction with absolute ethanol using potassium hydroxide catalyst was adopted for the conversion.

This means that the oil is an ester in which three molecules are pound to a trihydric alcohol, glycerol. We can supply you with any quantity of crude jatropha oil, which can be use for biodiesel,below are the specification of our product; SPECIFICATION -Oil purity: 98.5% » FFA: 5% max » Admixture: 0.5% » Moisture: 0.8% MAX. Non-edible Jatropha Curcas L / Harvesting Machine‏. Below is the climate specification for the Jatropha plant in different regions in the world. Accumulation of oil in Jatropha seeds during maturation follows a parabolic trend and reaches its peak when fruits are yellow. Oil yield in Jatropha seed kernels ranges from 38.7% to 45.8% for the four maturity stages investigated. Get contact details and address | ID: 21113285233 Jatropha Oil. … Harvi Trading Company - Offering Jatropha Oil, Packaging Type: Plastic Bottle at Rs 105/liter in Udaipur, Rajasthan. It is a step towards using CO2-neutral fuels that do not compete with other valuable food crops,” says Ronald Westerdijk, Business Development Manager, Wärtsilä Benelux countries. The jatropha oil has substantial prospects as a long-term substitute for diesel fuels. Below is the climate specification for the Jatropha plant in different regions in the world. Properties of biodiesel prepared from jatropha oils (methanol 5:1, catalyst 1 wt.% and temperature 60 °C for 2 h) [28] .