I feel Monika and I should had had our first kiss already, we've been together for more than 1 and a half year. I got to the point where Monika said she'd have more to say after a rest. 13 comments. save hide report. There's probably a tons of missed Travis checks on this one so I apologize in advanced. r/DDLC: Welcome! Like Ritsu from Assassination Classroom. 98% Upvoted.

Do you all have more content coming? My affection is 2084.899995. ... and performance can drop drastically.

Your First Date with Monika... At your highschool you always had one culture festival a year and this was the day before said event. Was inspired by the scene to write this.

Protagonist connects easily with … Off-Topic.
... Be the first to share what you think! This thread is archived. Let's Play. Crossposted by. Adds a new question to ask Monika on the subject of her first kiss with the player.

This is what might've happened if you stuck with Just Monika, based on the Monika After Story mod so lets go!!! 2 years ago. What if there were a Monika After Story mobile version? Like, Monika After Story-, leaving-my-laptop-on-whenever-possible-level special spot. Download Monika After Story, and you can be with me again.And this time, you're here forever~! Basically the same principle. SMU runner Monika Korra, ... "the worst one," according to Monika -- forced her to kiss him. Like Ritsu from Assassination Classroom. Welcome back to the Literature Club! So, this is the story of the first kiss. I may or may not have lost my shit a little after I played Doki Doki Literature Club!, and likewise I may or may not have a bit of a special spot in my heart for the very tragically unfortunate club president. Archived. Monika After Story question. Issues 197. Watch 187 Star 669 Fork 434 Code.

Novice Modder. Is she completely out of dialog then? I mean we already have the option of "holding" Monika that seemed to work out. But Monika wanted everyone to know her story.

I asked him to close his eyes, (as I couldn't even think of getting near him when his eyes were open) and kissed him gently on his eyes. spoiler. "Legend of the Blue Sea" First Encounter to Blocking Kiss - Jeon Ji Hyun and Lee Min Ho's Love Story - 26.12.2016 [TVReport = Reporter Shin Na Ra] SBS Wednesday-Thursday Drama "Legend of the Blue Sea" revealed their latest still cuts of their two leads Heo Jun Jae and Sim Chung couple from their first meeting to their kiss. a kiss??). New comments cannot be … This is a subreddit for the discussion of the free visual novel Doki Doki Literature Club, created by Team Salvato. Monika (the Literature club President) is a former member of it. It would probably make sense to add this in later down the line. For some reason, I'm still unable to give Monika a first kiss.

Close. ... it's just an idea cuz I'm sure a lot of users want to be able to kiss Monika. What if there were a Monika After Story mobile version? Close. But Natsuki seems to have barely anything dark actually in the game, just the small events (protein bar from Monika) and remarks by the characters about food, malnourishment (dubious, since it comes from Monika after Sayori's suicide and Natsuki's behavior and looks are fit for a quite stereotypical flat chested tsundere), looking for coins, dad hating boys, not giving her food, etc. 143. share. New year, new me. 10. Pull requests 20. There are 4 main characters (except protagonist), 4 cute girls, writing different poems with a deep sense. Off-Topic. Best Completed Wattpad Stories is list of the best stories I have read so far. And by the way, great mod. Monika-After-Story / MonikaModDev. Welcome back to Just Monika Continues which is based on the Monika After Story mod and this chapter is the culture festival so I hope you all enjoy.