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You sees the king in the castle looking at his magic mirror and a man destroying the Mask Of Eternity with his magic in the mirror. Publication date 1998 ... Internet Archive HTML5 Uploader 1.5.2 Year 1998 . Be the first one to write a review. Reviews There are no reviews yet. Like another not-so-well known game, Soulbringer, Mask of Eternity's environment literally drips with the feeling of doom and gloom. Hark! This Game Tis Great. STORY-8/10 Connor starts out in Daventry (his home) Out of no where a hurricane type storm comes and covers the sky in darkness. Granted, I enjoy the game, but it's pretty much King's Quest in name only. King's Quest: Mask of Eternity, a really nice adventure game sold in 1998 for Windows, is available and ready to be played again! 2 Favorites . Gameplay-wise, it differs from its predecessors by introducing considerable action and role-playing elements. comment. Most fans will tell you that Mask of Eternity is pretty easily the worst King's Quest game, so I have a tough time imagining Sierra or anyone else would deem it worth revisiting. King's Quest: Mask of Eternity is one of those rare games where the atmosphere is really king.
King's Quest: Mask of Eternity Demo by Sierra On-Line.

I'm curious as to what prompts such a question. Time to play a fantasy and puzzle elements video game title. The piece of the mask … Celebrate the golden age of adventure games all over again with the return of King's Quest.The bravest knight in all of Daventry, Sir Graham, is appointed by the dying king to embark on a Quest for the Crown. King's Quest: Mask of Eternity is the eighth installment in the King's Quest series, and the first one done completely in 3D. The path I have chosen to take is not the only way to complete the game, it's just my way. If you like puzzles, fighting or the rest of the kings quest games this game is for you. King's Quest VIII: Mask of Eternity. 5,683 Views . Seven classic games in one collection. Now comes the part where I give the obligatory speech about not following the walkthru step by step or it will ruin the enjoyment and satisfaction you get from completing the game on your own. king's quest 8: mask of eternity walkthru by tami meyers introduction:. About ... the peasant who has found a small shard of the Mask of Eternity. So very few games are ever able to get this feeling just right, but Mask nails it.